At this time of year, people everywhere are starting to get rid of their old stuff. You’ve probably seen people on the street selling old clothes and other items at car boot sales. You may have even got your first taste at one yourself. Well now you’re about to do it again! Here are some tips to ensure you don’t make any money-wasting mistakes at your own outdoor event.

As the saying goes, “Never leave home without your [Finance]”, and with so many things to figure out—from financial planning to taxes to business management—it can be difficult to keep all your ducks in a row. Fortunately, this holiday season will give you plenty of reason to set aside time to get to know your finances better.

Just like the store, garage and home sales where you can score some nice deals, online yard sales are a great way to save money by selling off your unwanted stuff. But like the sales that we all love to hate, garbage will be one of the top victims. And you’ll be surprised at what you find at the bottom of that box or shelf.

word-image-17186 word-image-17187 word-image-6174 word-image-6175 word-image-6176 A great way to make money is to hold a yard sale. Flea markets are great and fun. It’s also a great way to get your house in order and make money doing it. As popular and fun as they may be, garden sales are prone to mistakes that cause you to lose sales, and therefore money. word-image-17188 Before proceeding, please read the following section if you are concerned about hosting a yard sale in our current situation. In 2020, we wrote an article about hosting yard sales in an era of social distancing. You can read more about it here. So, let’s get back to how to avoid these mistakes at a flea market. A good yard sale takes planning and work, but it is possible and I encourage people to do it. word-image-6177 To have a successful yard sale, you need to avoid certain mistakes. When I made my first sale a few years ago, I learned from my own experiences; for that reason alone, I wanted to share these mistakes you should avoid this season. Depending on where you live, some places require a permit for a yard sale. Before holding a yard sale, check with your municipality/city to see if a permit is required and what other restrictions (if any) apply in your area. Some cities or counties may limit the number of yard sales per year. More information on extra income:

Top mistakes to avoid in garden sales

Article without price

One of the biggest mistakes people make when selling footage is not pricing things. When you’re shopping and you find the product you want and you can’t find the price, it’s very frustrating. Imagine how your customers will feel when they want to buy an item from your yard sale, but discover that it has no price tag. Many people will ask you, but others will ignore the question when they see you are busy and walk away. Don’t let these opportunities pass you by without paying the price. Make sure each item is priced to avoid confusion and ensure your yard sale goes smoothly. Printed price tags can be found at any local store, so it is possible. If you use a marker to indicate the price of your products, make sure it is clear and understandable to your customers. amzn_assoc_placement = adunit0; amzn_assoc_search_bar = true; amzn_assoc_tracking_id = simply03b-20; amzn_assoc_ad_mode = manual; amzn_assoc_ad_type = smart; amzn_assoc_marketplace = amazon ; amzn_assoc_region = US; amzn_assoc_title = My Garage Sale Picks; amzn_assoc_asins = B07C2DHW6,B00EZPSXXM,B000FSONDW,B00CNJ0RPY; amzn_assoc_linkid = 8ff5638deedc8b3920426d8c65a930d0 ; //

Price too high

You want to sell your products. I know you don’t want to give it away, and if you want to sell things at book value, a yard sale is not the place to do that. Yard sale shoppers are looking for bargains and bargains; they don’t want to pay the residual or retail price for yard sale items.

Dirty stuff because it is a yard sale

For a successful yard sale, make sure your items are priced to sell quickly. If you have an item that is new or in excellent condition, you can try to sell it online instead of at a flea market. Ew! That’s all I can say, if that’s what you think. If you want to hold a sale and have a successful yard sale, take the time to at least clean your stuff. I’m not saying they have to be brand new, but take the time to make them look presentable. If you want the yard sale to be a success, the dirty item will probably stay put, or you will lose money if someone offers a lower price. If your merchandise looks presentable, chances are it will sell faster and for the price you want.

Flea market

Nothing irritates a customer or me more than arriving at a sale where everything for sale is in boxes and not organized. Take the time to organize your own yard sale. Put the toys together, the books together, and so on. This will help your customers find what they are looking for and thus buy your product. Another important thing to consider is security. You invite people into your home. Make sure your yard sale is organized so that items are safely accessible to customers. You don’t want a big pile of toys to fall on your baby when he bumps into it. Also, make sure you keep your money in a safe place.

Presence of emotional attachment to objects

It may sound harsh, but if you’re not ready to part with the things you want to sell at a yard sale, it’s probably best not to sell them at all. To have a successful yard sale, you need to set a goal, and that goal is to make sure you sell all your stuff to make money. We do yard sales to make money; yard sale buyers come for a good deal; they don’t (usually) need your life story with the product. That is why I am telling you that it is best that you understand that this cannot be a good thing.

No advertisement for garage sales

Now it’s easier than ever to promote your yard sale. Some websites allow you to place an ad for garden sales for free. You can also post your yard sale announcement on social media. Facebook is your best friend if you take the right approach to selling products. If you want people to come and buy your products, you need to advertise your yard sale. If you make signs, make sure your address is visible. I hate going to an obscure arrow when the address could have made it so much easier. Make sure your signage is clear and lists your address and the times and dates of the yard sale. Write large and use pastel colors to draw attention to your sign. word-image-6178 Another good idea is to use the same color for all your plates. This will allow you to increase your traffic. Hang your signs in high traffic areas so people can see them. However, do not place signs in other people’s yards without their permission. Use these tips to promote your yard or garage sale:

No attention for customers

I know sometimes it can be boring or you feel like checking your social media, but if you have a yard sale, pay attention to your customers. Treat your customers with respect. Greet them and thank them for spending their hard-earned money on your product. Be professional.

No cooking

Don’t you love coming to a sale when the owner is still setting everything up? This can be very frustrating and lead to missed sales. People only come to your yard sale once. They are not going back and have other sales to make. Remember that everything must be ready for the start time you have specified for your yard sale. If you set a starting time, people want to get there, get what they want and move on. They don’t want to wait. Some even arrive early to take advantage of the best deals before anyone else. word-image-6179

No change

This is something you need to remember because it is very important. You need to have cash and change available for your customers. Failure to change will result in lost sales and frustrated customers. You can even use some of your glass as change. Don’t forget to sort through the changes to make it easier for you. Make sure you do it the night before and be ready early in the morning.

Not with pockets

I know you want to cut costs, but if you’re holding a yard sale, why not collect plastic bags from the grocery store or boxes from home to help customers carry their items? If you want to sell stuff at a flea market, it’s a good idea to provide bags or boxes for buyers to put their stuff in. word-image-6180

Special offer for your next garage sale.

Buy our sale guide and get over 30 pages of detailed planning to help you save money for $3.99. word-image-6181


To have a successful yard sale, you have to treat it like a business. Make sure you meet your customers’ needs and always remember that excellent customer service will win your customers back. They can even call their friends and ask them to come to your yard sale! If you plan on having another sale because you took care of your customers, they will come back. If you avoid these mistakes, you will surely have a successful yard sale. Your turn: What other yard sale mistakes do you avoid? Share with us! The next two tabs modify the content below. word-image-6182 Latina, mother of four, married to a kindly Greek gentleman. I live in southeastern Pennsylvania and try to balance family and home while making money at home. Follow my journey as a stay-at-home mom and learn how to earn and save money so you can continue living debt-free. word-image-6183

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This weekend is a great time to get rid of that old sweater you’ve had for a year, or that old pair of jeans you’ve only worn once. However, if you have no idea what to sell and how to get the most money for your item, you may end up with a very disappointing result. To avoid this, follow these 10 important tips on what you should do before and during a yard sale.. Read more about garage sale checklist printable and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should you not sell at a garage sale?

You have finally decided that it’s time to sell some of your old stuff. Before you go to those garage sales, you need to figure out what to keep and what to get rid of. Here are 4 things you should not sell: • Collectibles: A collector’s item or antique is an item that is rare, but not in high demand. Items like these tend to have an emotional connection to the collector and only a small number of people will want to buy them. • Your House: You probably own a lot of things that you do not need and are not using. Do not sell your house to anyone that you do not know. If you have a yard sale, you should completely clear everything out of your house Garage sales are a great way to get rid of old stuff, and losing money on it can be even better. However, the temptation to sell some of your treasures can be a real problem. If you are not careful, you may end up throwing away some treasures that you could otherwise sell for a nice profit. Here are ten mistakes to avoid when selling at a garage sale this spring.

What sells most at garage sales?

As you know, you can find anything at a garage sale. That includes awesome items that would make great gift ideas for your family and friends. But that doesn’t mean you should buy everything that’s on sale. If you’re thinking of buying a well-worn item that’s been on everyone’s garage sale list, you might want to ask yourself why it’s so cheap. If you have to buy an item that’s less than perfect, you’re not going to have much luck selling it at a later date. If you make it difficult for the seller to get top dollar for your item, you’ll be giving up a lot of potential profit in the long run. That’s why it’s important to know what to buy and what to avoid If you have an old car, you probably don’t want to turn it into your “cash cow.” However, at some point we can’t help ourselves when we see a particularly unique part or item. Also, take into consideration that you can often find things that you can’t find anywhere else, such as in certain towns, at certain times of the year, or at certain times of the day.

When’s the best time to have a yard sale?

Spring is the perfect time for a yard sale, right? After all, you’re outside painting the house. You need new winter clothes. You need to clear out the summer stuff and get ready for school. Or, maybe you just need to get rid of the stuff you don’t use anymore. The spring yard sale is a great way to make some extra money, or to sell enough items to get you by in the coming months. If you’re looking to make a little bit of extra money, or even just trying to clear out some junk that you don’t need, then your timing couldn’t be better. The late spring and early summer are a great time to have a yard sale. Not only do the prices of everything that is sold go up in the summer, but you can also save on your fuel costs. With gas prices on the rise, you probably have a lot of extra cash that you could put toward the sale of some of your unwanted items.

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