It may not come as a surprise, but the average household has an average of $50-60,000 in credit card debt. I’m not talking here about the plastic you keep in your wallet, but the kind you keep in your head. The average person has $43,000 in outstanding debt. It’s no surprise that you can rack up card debt quickly—if you’re not careful.

We are all aware that the stock market is volatile, and we know that buying a stock at one price, and selling it at a higher price is a sure fire way to make a fortune—right? Well, that’s about as wrong as it gets. Stocks are not like regular money: they don’t have a fixed value, and they tend to move a lot. When you buy something, you should properly weigh the pros and cons of the deal before committing to it.

Here are 12 tips that will help you become an efficient and effective deal staker by improving your understanding of the different trading options. They’re sure to help you save a fortune.. Read more about ways to save money on a tight budget and let us know what you think.

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Do you want to earn extra money?

Trade stacking – also known as saving stacking – is a strategy to use as many money saving tactics as possible in the sametrade. There is no right or wrong way to do this, the most important thing is to save as much as possible.

Quick reference

Last week I bought cat food at Petco that normally costs $37.53 (with sales tax). I only spent $20.80, – a savings of $16.73 or about 45% off the retail price of .

  1. I earned $5 on my previous purchases with my Petco Pals Rewards card. An email from Petco asked me to print the coupon or transfer the balance to my card – I did the latter.
  2. From there I bought a $25 Petco gift card from ABC Gift Cards for $21.20 (15.2% off with shipping). I also checked Raise, but they only gave 12% off.
  3. I paid $21.20 with my Citi Double Cash card, which gives me 2% cash back on every purchase. In this case, it was 42 cents, bringing the total value of my gift card to $20.78.
  4. I bought a bag of Natural Balance cat food for $29.99 and four bags of Natural Balance wet food for $1.19. Normally it costs $34.75 plus $2.78 sales tax (8%) for a total of $37.53. However, since I was expecting the usual 20% discount on Natural Balance cat food, the price was only $27.80 plus $2.22 sales tax, for a total of $30.02.
  5. After my Petco Pals card was scanned and $5 credit put on it, my debt was $25.02. A $25 gift card plus two cents covered this amount. In this case, I was lucky. I try to use the card when I do, but I rarely do.

Adding that 2 cents to the cost of the card ($20.78), I paid $20.80 for cat food that would have normally cost $37.53, a savings of 45%.

To what extent can you combine offers?

In the example above, I was able to save money in four different ways on a single purchase. Double and triple stacks are the most common, but I’ve also done a five stack a few times. In addition to the direct savings this tactic provides, you’ll also save in other ways: The smaller the account, the less sales tax you pay. I saved 56 cents at Petco on what the tax would have cost at the store.

How to do your own transactions

Here’s a simple set of transactions you can do at any time: Buy something on sale with a cashback credit card. You will save a good amount of money if it is a big sale. If you z. B. uses a Discover credit card, a purchase made during that quarter may qualify for one of the 5% cashback categories. Another simple example of contract stacking: Buy something on sale and use a coupon at the same time. It’s pretty simple, right? But we can usually accomplish much more. First, learn about the many ways to save money. The more you understand this, the more you will see opportunities to combine or put together trades. Here are the 10 most common money-saving tactics you can use to consolidate your transactions.

1. Using applications to scan documents

A receipt scanning application allows you to take a picture of the receipt with your phone. Since these apps assume you’re receiving cashback and not coupons, they can easily be used with other methods to merge offers. The best part? In general, you can use multiple applications for the same exam.


word-image-6108 word-image-6109 Ibotta is one of the most popular applications for reading cheques. Originally they were just for grocery store receipts, but lately they have expanded to other things like electronics, recipes, restaurants, etc. In the Ibotta application you will find a list of cashback offers available in specific stores. Take a picture of the receipt with the product and the name of the store. Within 48 hours you will receive from Ibotta between $0.25 and $5, depending on the offer. Of course: The more expensive the item, the more money you get. The great thing is that you can use more than oneset perexam. Plus, you even get a A$20 bonus when you sign up and scan your first check. If you need more information, check out our full Ibotta review or our list of 11 apps like Ibotta that pay you to scan receipts.

Cash Register 51

word-image-6110 word-image-6111 Checkout 51 works in a very similar way to Ibotta. Take a picture of your receipt every time you shop and get cash back on certain items. The main difference between Checkout 51 and Ibotta is that this application does not care where you make a purchase. This means you can scan a receipt from any store and earn free money if the item purchased is included in the app. You will get a free $signup bonus of $5 when you sign up as a new user, and you need to cash out at least $20 to withdraw your free PayPal money. Would you like to know more about Checkout 51? Here’s our full review.

Getting rewards back

word-image-6112 word-image-6113 Fetch Rewards is fast becoming one of the most popular check scanning applications on the market. As with Checkout 51, it doesn’t matter where you purchased the item, as long as it’s on your receipt. There aren’t as many deals as on Ibotta, but you can still find hundreds of different items for which you can get cashback. When you sign up for Fetch Rewards, as a new user you will receive a sign-up bonus of$3 .

Use all these applications together

The advantage of these applications is that they allow you to collect offers. For example, you can scanand the same check in multiple applications. B. in the last :

  1. Scan your receipt in the Ibotta app and get your money back.
  2. When you’re done with Ibotta, head over to Checkout 51 to get cashback.
  3. Don’t stop there. Scan again for additional bonuses.

2. Payment method for credit/debit card connection

submission procedure works submission procedure works word-image-6114 word-image-6115 When you sign up for Drop, you get paid for your purchases as you normally would. After registration you will be asked to select up to 5 of your favorite traders. Here are some of the companies they are currently working with:

  • Starbucks
  • 7-11
  • Destination
  • Walmart
  • McDonald’s
  • Much more

Next, you need to activate your credit or debit card (which earns you a $5 sign-up bonus). Make purchases from the merchant of your choice using the same credit or debit card and earn points for each transaction. This applies to both local and online purchases. These points can be exchanged for free money or a gift certificate of your choice. Read our review of Drop for more information.

3. Shopping via online portals with cashback

Online shopping portals are websites that partner with thousands of retailers around the world and consolidate all their links on one page. When you click on one of their links to a particular store – like Walmart – they get a commission on that purchase. Instead of keeping all this income for themselves, they give it to you in the form of cashback. It can be a bit confusing at first, so let’s try to get a clearer picture with our favorite cashback portal. word-image-16981 word-image-16982

  1. Create a new account on our favorite cashback portal – TopCashback. You will receive a $10 bonus just for signing up as a new user.
  2. Find the dealer you want to buy from. For example, let’s search Walmart and see that the results show that we can get 5% cash back on- and- purchases (with some exceptions).
  3. Click on the cashback button to be redirected to the Walmart website. Make your purchase as usual and TopCashback will use your browser’s cookies to automatically track your purchase.
  4. Within 10 days, 5% cash will appear on your account. Remember, these rates vary and during the holidays there are often special offers that increase the amount of cashback.
  5. When you reach the minimum balance, the cashback earned can be redeemed for PayPal deposits or free gift cards. When you redeem gift certificates, you will receive an additional 3% bonus.

There are many different portals offering different rates. We recommend Rakuten and BeFrugal, two excellent portals for online shopping. We also recommend that you check out our guide to online shopping portals to learn how to quickly find the portal that offers the best price for a particular store.

4. Use coupons from manufacturer

It used to be a way to save on groceries, especially when many stores had double coupon days (some stores still have them today). Just make sure you’re not paying more than for cheaper brands after using manufacturer’s coupons. Make sure you stack these coupons with other tactics. If you do not receive the Sunday paper or coupons in the mail, ask friends to pick them up for you.

5. Use store coupons

Many people ask: What is coupon summation? Coupon stacking is the use of multiple coupons to increase the discount on a single purchase. Many stores issue their own coupons and allow them to be used in conjunction with the manufacturer’s coupons for the same product. Some distribute their coupons in mailers or in stores, while others have easy access to them online, where they can be printed or loaded onto a loyalty card account. For example, Target’s online coupons are printable and the coupon policy clearly states that Target will accept one (1) manufacturer’s coupon and one (1) Target store coupon for the same item (unless one of the two coupons is prohibited). At Walgreens, CVS, Family Dollar and Dollar General, you can also use a manufacturer coupon and a store coupon in the same transaction.

6. Retail sales

Buying clearance items can be combined with many other tactics. In fact, you can save more with a 50% discount than with any other tactic. So start your efforts to increase your savings by looking for the best sale. Personally, I like to check out SlickDeals, where I can find special offers and promotional codes for over a thousand stores.

7. Use gift vouchers with discount

If you pay $20 for a $25 gift card at a store where you shop regularly, you get $5 advanced. Now combine this coupon with other tactics and you can really save money. word-image-16983 word-image-16984 Key point: Gift Certificates are a method of payment, not a discount or coupon. This means they can be combined with almost any other savings tactic. Sometimes coupons cannot be combined with sales or other discounts. Gift cards are often on sale, especially at Christmas. In most cases, you can also find gift cards on eBay. Alternatively, you can always buy unused or partially used cards on the secondary market at a discounted price on sites like the following: Warning Word: When I bought these used cards, I had to be refunded several times because the credit ran out. To avoid loss, buy a quantity that you can use within the warranty period indicated on the website (usually at least 45 days, but check).

8. Use your bonus credit cards

If you pay with the right credit cards, you’ll get cashback, points or other rewards. Many of them offer at least 1% cashback, and some, like Discover Card, offer 5% cashback in categories that change quarterly. My American Express Blue Cash Preferred card offers 6% cashback on grocery store purchases. word-image-16985 word-image-16986 When the $20 Domino’s Pizza gift cards from Fry’s go on sale again for $15, I pay for two of them with my Amex card, which brings the net cost of the $40 pizza down to $28.20, a reduction of about 30%. From there I just buy the pizza, which is 50% off (currently their large pie with three toppings costs $7.99). This set of three saves me about 65% of the regular price.

9. Use of credit card Special loans

If you have an American Express card, check the Amex offers online at your account page. Just click on them and they will be loaded on the map. word-image-6116 word-image-6117 These offers usually give you credit for using the card at a specific retailer. For example, right now I can get a $10 credit when I use my American Express Blue Cash Preferred card for purchases of at least $50 at Basha’s grocery store. And yes, the credit is on top of the normal 6% cashback the card pays out. It is designed as a two-story building, but it can be expanded. Buy items on sale with coupons and get four stacks. I once got a $10 credit for purchasing a $10 Home Depot gift card at an online store. In other words, I got a gift card for free (100% off is nice). Oh, and I did it twice more with my other two American Express cards. Discover has a similar program called Discover Deals.

10. Use of customer cards

You may not like walking around with all those loyalty cards and keeping track of them, but you need them to get the best deals. And the sell-out prices you get with it usually don’t stop you from using coupons and other ways to save.

11. Using customer loyalty programs in stores

I already mentioned the $5 reward from Petco Pals, but many stores offer similar loyalty programs. They offer you rewards on top of the , plus the immediate savings you get by using your loyalty card. For example, with the Staples Rewards program, you can get up to 5% of your purchases back in the form of a gift card (as soon as you spend enough). The nice thing about Store Reward gift cards (as you usually get them) is that once you have them, they are no longer a coupon or a discount, but a way to pay for a certain amount. Discounts lose their value as they accumulate. For example, a 10% coupon can save you $10 on a $100 item, but only $5 if you buy that item during a 50% off sale – and only if you are allowed to use the coupon on the sale item. On the other hand, a gift card can still be used for full value to pay for a purchase after various other tactics have been used to reduce costs. Sign up for loyalty programs from the retailers where you shop regularly.

12. Cleaning magazine

My wife regularly finds clothes for a few dollars on sale racks, and it’s not hard to get deals on items that are already cheaper. For example, right now you can buy a Ross gift card with a 15% discount online from various retailers. If you pay with a credit card with 2% cashback and use your gift card to buy a $4 sweater at Ross’s store, your net cost is $3.32 (before sales tax), which is one time the original retail price.

13. Coupon Codes

Before you pay for anything online, open a new browser window and look for discount codes and the name of the store. This often results in a code that you must enter on the checkout page to receive a discount. This may invalidate your reward at the cashback portal. So make sure the amount of the coupon discount is greater than the amount of the cashback you receive. Of course you can also do business here. You can use a discounted gift card to pay for your purchase (remember, payment methods are not incompatible with coupons or other discounts). This means that you would buy this gift card with a cashback credit card. You have the idea.

Example of grouping the last transaction

Here’s the latest example, a stack of five I made a few weeks ago …..

  1. Walgreens had a big sale, so I found some discounted gift cards for Raise, but I haven’t bought any yet. First, I searched for Raise on the Cashback Monitor to see which portals offer cashback for Raise.
  2. TopCashback gave 2% back and I have an account there, so I switched to Raise and found a Walgreens gift card with a balance of $48.18 for $42.38, 12% off.
  3. I bought the card with my 2% Citi Double Cash card. Adding up the three discounts like this, I got about 15% off all my purchases at Walgreens (the total seems to be 16%, but the 2% cashback on the gift card, which is 88% of face value, is only 1.76% of face value).
  4. Savings are difficult to analyze from this perspective. For example, I bought Blue Diamond almonds during the BOGO sale (buy one, get one free) and paid $4.99 for the first jar. This amounts to a net saving of 57.5% (the 15% discount on the gift card only applies to half the normal price).
  5. I have points on my Walgreens Balance Rewards card that are worth something, so I’ve listed five money-saving tactics. I also used a coupon to buy Kleenex at a discount and got points for it, so that part of my purchase was a Sextuple Stack.
  6. Take a look at the control scanning applications we’ve covered: Ibotta, Checkout 51 and Fetch Rewards. Coincidentally, Ibotta offered $0.50 cash for this product.

Final considerations

I rarely go to and to squeeze the last pennies out of my savings, but sometimes it’s fun to do quick transactions. In any case, a simple combination of three cards, such as purchasing a discounted gift card and an incentive credit card and using them to buy items on sale, can often save you 50% or more. Remember, business summaries should not be complicated. If it takes you an hour to save $0.25, it’s probably not worth your time. Have you ever been involved in a serious settlement? Tell us in the comments below, and have fun saving!You need to be really careful about how you stack your deals on your credit cards to avoid paying unnecessary fees. You need to know how to find the cheapest rates, how to create a strong financial plan, how to successfully negotiate your card’s terms and conditions, and how to manage your debt. And if you don’t know how to manage your debt, you’re in trouble.. Read more about easy ways to save money and let us know what you think.

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