For those who plan on visiting a country in the near future, you may want to consider saving up some extra cash. Most people don’t think about this, however, as it’s not something that’s discussed much. It’s something you should take into consideration, especially if you’re a frequent traveler, although it has a lot of other uses as well.

The hobby of traveling can be costly if you don’t know how to do it. As someone who has been on the road for the past five years I have noticed a number of savings that often go unnoticed.

Traveling has never been cheaper, but we can all be better at managing our money while we are on the road. That’s not just your fault, either: airlines and travel agencies have you over a barrel when it comes to booking flights, hotels, and activities. The result? You’re sometimes paying more than a local would for the same product.

travel savings hacks to budget on vacation

How long has it been since you last took a vacation from work?

You’re overdue for a vacation, just as I suspected.   

Vacations, on the other hand, are seldom as restful as you’d want them to be. In a couple of days, you’ve spent thousands of dollars. You’ll wonder why you didn’t simply remain at home and watch Netflix for 5 days after paying for the airline tickets, every meal, every excursion, and every time you fill up the petrol tank. That would have been more enjoyable.

That, however, is not enjoyable. You have earned the right to enjoy your money. You deserve a pleasant holiday with your family, free of the worry of having to go back to work to make up for what you’ve spent.   

Good news: everything you’ll need to start saving for your trip and have a debt-free, money-free holiday is waiting for you below.  

Create a Travel Savings Account: Put Money Aside FOR A Vacation

Before we get into how to save money while on vacation, let’s look at some entertaining vacation money saving tricks. The following suggestions can help you generate free, easy money for your next trip. Because having free money to spend on vacation puts you one step closer to having a vacation free of financial worry. 

1. Dosh – Get Cash Back When You Swipe Your Card

Dosh is a credit and debit card pairing software for your smartphone. Simply swipe your card, and the Dosh app will gather free money for your next trip automatically. Here are just a handful of the 1,000+ places where you can get cash back:

  • 3 percent cash back at Walmart
  • 1.5 percent cash back on target
  • 6 percent cash back at Walgreens
  • Exxon Mobile offers a 2% cashback.
  • 5% Cash Back if you guess correctly
  • Patagonia offers a 6% cashback.
  • Bed Bath & Beyond – 7% Cash Back
  • ten percent cash back at Jiffy Lube

When you connect your credit or debit card to the app, you’ll get $1.

Is the Dosh App Safe? + An Open and Honest Review (everything you need to know about their bank-level security.)

2. Ibotta – Get Paid to Shop at the Grocery Store

If you use the Ibotta app to take a photo of your supermarket receipt, you’ll have a few additional dollars put into your account right away. This app is a simple and straightforward way to earn money for completing your regular food shopping. 

Is Ibotta legit : Ibotta App Review

Furthermore, Ibotta offers a Welcome Bonus: after redeeming your first in-store offer, you will get a $20 credit to your Ibotta account.

Related Article: How to Get Your $20 Ibotta Welcome Bonus

3. Rakuten – The Most Convenient Way To Save Money While Shopping On The Internet

Rakuten is one of the most profitable Cash Back programs on the market, and it’s also quite easy to use. Rakuten will look into your shopping cart and automatically add coupons to your purchase as well as offer you cash back when you check out from an online store (like Amazon). This shopping companion will certainly contribute significantly to your vacation money. 

But! Unless you set up your Rakuten account correctly, it will not function automatically (learn more about how Rakuten works automatically here). Here’s how to do it:

  1. Here’s where you can sign up for a free Ebates account (with a $10 welcome bonus*).
  2. Get the Ebates Button now!  
  3. When you buy online at almost all major online shops, you may earn easy money. 

*Join Rakuten’s mailing list. Ebates will give you a $10 welcome incentive once you earn cash back on your first online purchase.

4. Budget – Make the most of your trip by sticking to your budget. 

A budget is essential for effective money management. It’s a tool you’ll need to have a good time while spending your vacation cash (and keep yourself from overspending). Create a holiday budget if you really want to enjoy your next trip without worrying about money.

A family budget, on the other hand, is essential for appreciating your money every day. Make a list of your expenditures, including your mortgage, utilities, petrol, food, and debt. Whatever is left will be used for shopping and dining. Create a budget if you want to handle your money properly—if you want to enjoy spending your money and never get into debt again. 

“Assist me in getting out of poverty!”

Spending less than you earn is the *only* method to save money. That implies you’ll either need to cut costs or raise your revenue.

We aim to assist you in achieving both goals.

Learn the basics of building wealth at our FREE Simplify Money Workshop. Because your money has no option but to increase if you can spend less than you make. You will increase your savings and reduce your debt. 

Plus, there’s more. We’ve compiled a list of free money-saving tips for you:

  • How to Cut Your Monthly Bills in Half
  • Debt-reduction strategies
  • How to Get Started Investing
  • How to make an additional $20 each month with a few simple hacks (with no extra effort)

This session will provide you with everything you need to follow the cardinal rule of personal finance: maintain your income higher than your expenditures.

Start increasing your money now by enrolling in our free 5-day Simplify Money Workshop.


1. Get a 40% discount on your flight

Scott’s Cheap Flights should be your first stop when planning your next trip. Simply enter your home airport, then choose your favorite holiday locations. You will get daily offers with inexpensive flights from YOUR airport sent directly to your email.

Please keep in mind that we’re not talking about “excellent” bargains here. Scott pledges to bring you only the best offers. The majority of the discounts are between 40 and 90 percent off. When members book with Scott’s Cheap Flights, they save an average of $550 each ticket. 

Scott’s Cheap Flights offers a 14-day free trial. Check out how simple and quick it is to save money on your future trips. 


2. Travel Credit Cards – Save Thousands

When you travel, do you always fly with the same airline? Pick up their credit card if you haven’t already. We get 2% cash back on our Delta credit card, free checked luggage ($100 round trip discount), and one free companion pass each year (i.e. one free airline ticket per year, a $500 save). 

These benefits are also not rare. Almost all other airline credit cards provide similar benefits. Find your airline’s credit card at Credit Land and save over $500 on your next trip.


3. Toll Road Bypass – iPhone Hack

It’s occasionally a good idea to spend an additional $30 on a toll-pass when renting a vehicle. However, if you’re hiring a vehicle to conduct mainly surface-street driving, you may want to put that $30 toward something else. 

However, without a toll-pass, you run the danger of turning into a toll-road by mistake (which is most probable while traveling to and from the airport) and receiving a $40 fine. So, how can you avoid paying the toll while avoiding the toll roads?

Tell your iPhone GPS you want to avoid the toll-roads. Go to Settings > Maps > Driving & Navigation > Turn on Avoid Tolls. Now you’re free to navigate highways in peace with an extra $30 in your pocket. 

4. A Vacation Home Dedicated to You – And It Isn’t Expensive 

Spend your holiday in a home instead of a hotel for less money. Airbnb offers a more private, peaceful, homey, roomy, and luxury living experience. You live in a house with different rooms, a living room, a kitchen, and several bathrooms. Sign up for a free Airbnb account here (with $40 pre-loaded into your account for your next trip) if you haven’t already. You’re unlikely to stay at a hotel again. 

P.S. Since there is no room service, you’ll have to go food shopping, so make sure you utilize Ibotta to get free cash back at the store! If you haven’t already joined up for Ibotta, make sure you do so via a qualifying link (like this one) to guarantee you earn $20 when you do.

5. Make Money At The Theme Park With Sweat Coin

Why not make some additional money if your trip will involve a lot of walking (for example, if you’re bringing your kids to a theme park)?

SweatCoin is a smartphone software that rewards you for going for a walk. The software utilizes your phone’s pedometer to track your steps and its GPS to locate you. You get compensated when it sees you going outdoors. 

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But don’t wait till vacation to start sweating—get the Sweat Coin app now. Allow this free money-making software to serve as the motivation you need to go out and about in your area and remain healthy.

Have a wonderful vacation!

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Saving money for your next big trip isn’t always easy, especially if you’re out of work and have a significant other with a high salary. But don’t let your debt limit your travel dreams. Here are 12 travel savings hacks that will ensure that you never pay full price again.. Read more about what travel hacks have saved you a lot of money and let us know what you think.

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