Florida’s thriving tourism economy and pristine weather have made the state a popular destination for families, retirees, professionals, or those looking to start over. The general consensus is that this vibrant seaside community offers a better lifestyle than most other U.S. locations – just be sure you know what comes with living in paradise before making your move!

The “what i need to know before moving to destin, florida” is a blog post about the pros and cons of living in Destin, Florida right now.

20 Pros and Cons of Living in Destin, Florida Right Now

If you’re considering relocating to Destin, Florida,

The advantages and disadvantages of living in Destin, Florida are discussed in this article.

The city is situated on the Gulf of Mexico on the Florida Panhandle. Its pleasant mood and scenic beauty are aided by

However, the Destin way of life is not for everyone. So, let’s look at the positives and negatives…

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Living in Destin, Florida

Here is a summary of the top benefits and drawbacks to consider before relocating to Destin:

  • Very easy to get to
  • Beautiful beaches
  • Boardwalk beside the scenic harbor
  • Weather to die for
  • Sporting activities on the water
  • A healthy outdoor way of life
  • There are several excellent eateries in the area.
  • Nice individuals in a laid-back environment
  • Options for public schools that are good
  • It’s ideal for retirement.
  • Cost of living is higher.
  • There are much There Are Too Many Tourists.
  • Congestion is a major issue.
  • Summer weather is hot and humid.
  • Hurricanes are a possibility.
  • Insects and wildlife can be a pain.
  • Job opportunities are few.
  • Lacking the facilities and variety of a major metropolis
  • Hospitals are easily accessible.
  • Higher education opportunities are limited.


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We now have a better understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of relocating to Destin. You could believe this isn’t the right location for you.

If that’s the case, have a look at all of our…

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It’s well-organized, making it easy to locate the greatest areas to live. That corresponds to your own interests.

Otherwise, please bear with me. We’ll go through the advantages and disadvantages of Destin living one by one.

Let’s get this party started on a good tone. Let’s start with the advantages of living in Destin…

Very easy to get to

To begin with, the area’s accessibility has made it a popular tourist attraction. Because it is centrally positioned, it is accessible to a large number of states.

Texas, Georgia, Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana, and the neighboring state of Alabama, for example. They represent some of the most popular driving destinations for visitors visiting Destin.

There are also excellent air travel alternatives in the area. Destin-Fort Walton Beach Airport and Pensacola International Airport are two of them.

After you arrive, you will be pulled back by the next one of Destin’s advantages…

Beautiful beaches

The Emerald Coast is a region in the Florida Panhandle. Because of the Gulf of Mexico’s emerald green sea.

Because it is crystal clear, it has been designated as such. And it’s green because of the dazzling sunlight reflected off the algae.

Combine the watercolor with the crystal-like white sand. The breathtaking pink sunsets are also a must-see.

And what you receive in return is a lovely beach town lifestyle to enjoy.

The following are some of the top places to visit:

  • Henderson Beach State Park is located in Henderson, Nevada.
  • Norriego Point is a small town in the state of California.
  • Crab Island is a small island off the coast of Florida

Boardwalk beside the scenic harbor

If you appreciate a good boardwalk, this is the place to be. There is one in this town!

It spans along the port for roughly a quarter of a mile. As a result, there will be more access to the shoreline.

There are stores, bars, restaurants, piers, activities, and entertainment all along the waterfront.

Weather to die for

It’s a beautiful day here. Because you can bank on it being lovely for 40-45 weeks out of the year.

Summer and summer-like conditions predominate.

High temperatures are expected to range between 60 and 90 degrees.

The winters are mild. Bring a cool breeze, however. Unlike parts of Florida’s south and southwest.

During the 8-12 week winter season, high temperatures are in the 40s and 50s. Usually during the coldest 4-6 weeks of the year.

Yes, the temperature may drop in the winter. However, it’s an uncommon occurrence.

And one thing is certain: You’ll never have to be concerned about snowfall accumulations again. Alternatively, frosty sidewalks and roadways.

Then there’s another one of Destin’s wonderful qualities…

Sporting activities on the water

Because of the city’s proximity to the Gulf of Mexico. Sporting activities on the water are very popular here.

Then there’s fishing. As a sports fisherman’s paradise, the location is well-known across the United States.

Both salt and fresh water may be used. As a consequence, Destin is known as “the luckiest fishing community in the world.”

Then round out the Sporting activities on the water with boating, paddle boarding, pontoon boats, jet skis, and more.

I believe you get the picture. Destin is situated on a body of water. And the locals make the most of it.

When it’s time to get out of the water, go on to the next step. There’s a lot more Destin has to offer…


A Fit and Active Outdoor Lifestyle

And we’re continuing with the concept of being outside. Because the city is at the core of the region’s outdoor activities, it is a great place to visit.

Festivals, window shopping, and wandering along the waterfront are all excellent choices.

Golfing options abound for the more energetic. There are public and private classes available to suit all ability levels.

Tennis and cycling are also popular.

Finally, the rise of equipment rental businesses has made trying out new outdoor activities more affordable and easy.

So, go ahead and hire a bike. Consider renting a pontoon boat. Without the need to commit to a large purchase.

Okay. We’re just getting started.

So, the advantages and disadvantages of relocating to Destin continue…

There are several excellent eateries in the area.

Because of the thriving tourist and hotel businesses. Here, you’ll find plenty of delicious cuisine and eating alternatives.

This neighborhood has hundreds of eateries.

From upscale cuisine to mom-and-pop establishments, there’s something for everyone. And there are historic establishments that have been serving the community for decades. All of them may be found right here.

One of the highlight meals is fresh seafood from the Gulf of Mexico. Red snapper, mackerel, and tuna are just a few of the alternatives available.

In only a few hours, you may go from the salt waves to your table. When it comes to local fish, the freshness factor is difficult to top.

Next, may this point be at the top of the list of all the advantages of living in Destin?

Perhaps. You are the only one who can decide…

Nice individuals in a laid-back environment

You should know that the people and environment here are fantastic.

Living in the Destin community is defined by southern charm, a relaxed and slower pace, a small-town vibe, and friendly people.

It’s also quite simple to blend in as a newcomer. It’s partly due to the fact that it’s a military community.

As a result, many individuals have become used to moving in. And soon making new pals. As a newcomer to the neighborhood.

Finally, locals report that the months of November to February are very tranquil.

The reason for this is mostly due to the colder temperatures. In comparison to other parts of Florida.

As a result, tourists and snowbirds do not flock to the region at this period. As does the case in other areas with milder winter temperatures.

Options for public schools that are good

Those of you with children who are considering relocating to Destin. Public education alternatives are excellent and have been growing in recent years.

First, according to U.S. News, Destin Primary School is among the top 100 elementary schools in Florida.

Then there’s Destin Middle School, which is located in Destin, Florida. According to U.S. News, the middle school is ranked in the top 200 in Florida.

The Okaloosa County School District is home to both the elementary and middle schools.

Finally, to keep up with rising demand. Destin High School, the city’s first high school, just opened (DHS).

It is a public charter high school with no tuition. Local children were traditionally compelled to attend high school in neighboring villages.

If, on the other hand, your child-rearing days are behind you…

It’s ideal for retirement.

And you want to feel like you’re at a resort. Enjoy your retirement years with a variety of restaurants and outdoor activity opportunities.

Then Destin may be the place for you to retire.

Okay. The advantages are now complete.

The disadvantages of living in Destin are next…


Cost of living is higher.

Unfortunately, all of the advantages of living here come at a cost. As a result, Destin’s cost of living is much higher than the national average.

In Florida, you may live for a lot less money. Unquestionably.

Consider that the typical house value on BestPlaces.net is 68 percent higher. In comparison to the median-priced house in the United States.

Although, in reputable communities, lower-priced properties are accessible. If you’re prepared to give up some of your demands.

Additionally, due to increased visitor demand, food, restaurant, and entertainment expenditures tend to rise.

On a more positive note, anybody migrating to Florida from a high-tax state would save money. Here’s where you’ll get a rest. Because the state of Florida does not levy an income tax on its inhabitants.

Regardless, make sure your financial home is in order before you relocate. Personal Capital is a good option for this.

We use Personal Capital to keep track of all of our finances in one place. To keep track of spending, budgeting, and investing.

Because Personal Capital makes money management a lot easier. Also, keep in mind that relocating is a significant financial investment.

Next, the most inconvenient aspect about living in Destin…

There are much There Are Too Many Tourists.

Beginning in March, the spring break season begins. Destin is expecting 3-4 million tourists from now through early November.

Everyone is flocking to this little Florida town with a full-time population of less than 20,000 people. Many high-end resorts and short-term rentals are available in the region to accommodate you.

However, this results in lengthy lines at eateries. Plus, when new visitors arrive on Saturday, food shops will be crowded.

As a result, shop shelves were barren on Sunday. If you choose to conduct your shopping at that time.

But the visitors aren’t the only ones that cause damage. They bring up the second disadvantage of living in Destin…

Congestion is a major issue.

Combine the tourist inflow. With minimal public transit and a dearth of road infrastructure. In what was once a little fishing community on the seashore.

And what do you receive as a result?

When you live here, the response is that there is a lot of traffic. During peak season, it is almost always congested.

And don’t be surprised if it’s at its worst during a summer downpour. This causes many to leave the beach and go back to their automobiles. On Saturdays, for example, when most rental apartments turn over their visitors.

As a result, it’s advisable to drive and do errands early in the morning if you live in the area.

Tourists on vacation aren’t generally early risers. I’m on a quest to go out and about first thing in the morning.

As a result, make your plans appropriately. Because at the busiest times of the day. Even a little distance might take a long time.

Next, we know that the weather in this area is typically pleasant. However, there are a few outliers that might ruin your outdoor enjoyment…

Summer weather is hot and humid.

Because the summer months are really hot. Especially when there isn’t a cool wind coming off the lake.

Temperatures in the upper 80s are common in June, July, and August. And, on occasion, the 1990s.

On a calm day, combine the temperatures with high humidity. And the sensation might be moist, sticky, and excruciating. Especially if you aren’t used to it.

Add in the summer rains, and you’ve got a recipe for disaster. This may cause your outdoor plans to be postponed. When the sun shines again, make it seem like a steam bath.

Hey. Summer is arrived. And it’s all part of the Florida way of life.

That people in Florida either adore, despise, or just accept as a fact of life.

The unpleasant summer heat, though, isn’t the worst of it. As we continue our exploration of the advantages and disadvantages of living in Destin…

Hurricanes are a possibility.

Since the Hurricanes are a possibility. is persistent here. Thus, large-scale evacuations are required sometimes for the safety of residents.

As a consequence, the evacuation of the region will take around 30 hours. The bridges shut to traffic when sustained winds surpass 40 miles per hour.

So you’ll have to leave before then. Alternatively, you might end yourself having to ride out the storm. This isn’t a good idea.

After a storm, finally. The clean-up operations will cause a disruption in your life.

Even if you reside inland a few miles. And there was very little damage.

Then there are other people that live here that you should be aware of. One of the minor drawbacks of living in Destin…

Pesky Insects & Wildlife

Because the ocean and warm weather provide a pleasant atmosphere for nosy neighbors. And it’s not just visitors.

Because there are also snakes, sharks, bears, bugs, mosquitoes, flies, and other biting creatures that reside here.

In contrast to the rest of Florida, though. There aren’t many alligators in the area.

There are a few more drawbacks to living in Destin. This is especially true for those who are relocating from a bigger metropolitan or urban location.

Job opportunities are few.

For starters, this Florida location does not provide a diverse range of work options. That which is provided by other more urban places.

The United States military, defense contractors that service them, and the hotel sector dominate the economy.

As a result, there are few well-paying private-sector positions.

And getting one of the better government positions isn’t simple. For example, at one of the surrounding military bases.

Lack Of Big City Amenities & Diversity

Because there are so few full-time inhabitants. There aren’t as many amenities as there are in major cities in Florida.

Apart from what the hotel business has to offer. Outdoor activities, food, and drinks, to be specific.

If you’re accustomed to the conveniences, cultural activities, high-end shopping, and services that come with a city with hundreds of thousands of permanent people, you’ll be disappointed. You’ll almost certainly be disappointed.

Finally, the region is both politically and religiously conservative. This location is similar to others in the deep south.

So, if you’re a liberal who doesn’t attend to church. That’s not to say there’s anything wrong with it.

Just be aware that you may find it more difficult to blend in.

Hospitals are easily accessible.

As we all know, this is a small area in terms of population. While adequate health care is available for all of your family’s fundamental requirements.

Expect to go to one of the regional metropolitan regions if you have a serious sickness. For enhanced or specialized medical attention.

Better hospital treatment is available in Tallahassee, Birmingham, Mobile, and Jacksonville. They are, however, some hours distant by automobile.

Higher education opportunities are limited.

As your children advance through grades K-12, they may be well served. On the other side, higher education possibilities are limited.

So, if you want to keep your kids in the area for college, This may not be the best place in Florida for higher education.

Because Northwest Florida State College is practically the only option in the area. However, there are alternative options not far away from here.

The University of West Florida in Pensacola, for example. Also near Panama City is Florida State University.

Okay. That concludes today’s discussion. Concerning the advantages and disadvantages of relocating to Destin.

Allow me to leave you with a few last ideas.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Living in Destin, Florida

Because here’s the key question…

Is Destin, Florida a Safe City to Live In?

If you don’t mind living in a town dominated by visitors and the hotel sector, Destin is a terrific location to call home.

And is willing to put up with the inconvenience that thousands of tourists bring. Year after year, you return to your hometown.

Destin is a stunning location on the Gulf of Mexico. There are lots of enjoyable activities to partake in.

Outdoor activities and entertainment opportunities, for example. In a relaxing, resort-style location.

It’s possible to compare living in Destin to being on vacation. Every every month of the year!

More information about the best places to live in Florida can be found here.

Also, don’t forget to have a look at the rest of our…

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…just in case Florida isn’t your cup of tea!

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The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Living In Destin


Destin, Florida is one of the best places to vacation in the United States. It has a beautiful beach and warm weather. However, it can be expensive to live there. Reference: is destin, florida a good place to vacation.

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