The global demand for craft products has been steadily growing in recent years. With a wide range of companies jumping on the craze, it’s never been easier to find new ways to sell your handmade goods online or at local markets and fairs. Here are 23 resin crafts you can make this year that will drive up profits. if you want more ideas check out our article “How To Make Resin Crafts For A Profit”.

The “most profitable crafts to sell (2022)” is a blog post that lists 23 crafts that will be highly in demand in 2022. The article also includes resin business ideas for success.

23 Resin Crafts to Sell for Huge Profits in 2022 (+ Resin Business Ideas for Success)

Profitable Resin Business Ideas + A Complete Guide to Starting a Resin Business with Bonus Success Tips

Resin crafts have grown more popular in recent years, to the point that they are now seen on every aisle leading up to the checkout register. Tweens, teenagers, and even young adults appear to like it. It’s also a successful business idea since it’s so easy and affordable to create!

If you’re thinking of selling resin crafts to supplement your income, I’ll lead you through the full process, from creating your company logo to a list of the top resin ideas to sell!


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So, what exactly is epoxy crafting?

Epoxy resin is a versatile substance with many applications. Epoxy resin, casting resin, synthetic resin, and laminating resin are all terms you’ve probably heard of. Each has unique characteristics that make it suitable for various applications. Crafting is one of the applications. Epoxy crafting is the process of using epoxy resin to make resin art and crafts. 

You may use either a low-viscosity epoxy resin (casting resin) or a high-viscosity epoxy resin (laminating / doming resin) for making. 

Casting resin is more fluid, takes longer to solidify, and is ideal for manufacturing resin jewelry and casting molds. Laminating resin, on the other hand, is less runny and is ideal for resin art, coating things, manufacturing ornamental items, and certain resin jewelry.


Is it possible to earn money by selling resin art?

Yes, selling resin art may earn you money! Making resin crafts to sell is a profitable side venture to explore, since resin art and crafts have grown in popularity. The amazing thing about a resin company is that you can customise your things.

Clients may choose their colors, initials, and even names. People are always eager to pay top dollar for things that are customised!


How can I begin making epoxy resin crafts?

Getting started with epoxy resin crafts is as easy as collecting the necessary supplies, reviewing the resin craft techniques listed below, and giving it a go. There’s no need for a formal school, no certification, and no one to stop you from launching your resin company.

Simply create your resin crafts, sell them, and begin padding your pocketbook. It’s that easy. 


What does it cost to establish a resin company?

A resin company is a low-risk venture since it has a modest start-up cost (about $30). To get started, all you need to do is purchase the appropriate ingredients. This might be as little as one little vial of resin.

You may then make your creations using molds and other objects found around the house. You will also need packing materials in order to mail your goods. Overall, your setup costs might be as little as $30! 

Of course, you might opt to purchase additional products, which will increase your initial costs. You have complete control over your spending! By the way, I think this resin kit is ideal for beginners who want a complete kit with all of the ornamental components! If you want to produce jewelry or keychains, you’ll need extra supplies like jump rings and jewelry pliers. 

Here’s the deal: A resin company has the benefit of requiring no specialized equipment or tools (as is the case with other crafts), no office space to rent, and no staff to recruit. You have complete control over the start-up of your resin craft company!


business woman with craft business



Selling the Most Profitable Resin Items

Every company has its best sellers, and the resin craft sector is no exception. You must have access to this information if you want to manage a successful firm.

Naturally, you must produce things that are in high demand. You must produce exactly what the buyer want. And, when it comes to epoxy crafts, what does the buyer want? So don’t worry, I’ve got you covered!

Here’s a rundown of some of the most popular resin crafts, as well as a collection of instructions from other resin crafters! 


• Resin Sculpture (Epoxy Paintings)

Jewelry made of resin

Keychains made of resin

Coasters made of resin

• Paper weights made of resin

• Picture Frames Made of Resin


23 Resin Crafts to Make a Lot of Money

Keychains made of resin

Resin keychains are simple to produce and ideal for the novice resin enthusiast. Amy from Leap of Faith Crafting offers a written and video guide on how to produce the most stunning resin keychains to sell!


resin crafts to sell - keychain


Coasters made of resin

Another of our popular resin crafts to sell for extra cash is resin coasters! Karo from Craftsy Hacks provides a simple step-by-step instruction for making this lovely resin sculpture.


resin ideas to sell - coasters



3. Feather Pendant in Resin

Resin jewelry is quite popular and may fetch a high price. Sustain My Craft Habit shows you how to create this lovely resin feather pendant.


resin projects to sell - pendant


4. Organic Flower Pendant in Resin

Check out this lesson from Artsy Karma if you’re seeking for another resin pendant design. 


resin crafts to sell - pendants



Resin keychains, charms, coasters, jewelry, ornamental objects, and resin art paintings are among the most popular resin crafts. Personalization is incredibly popular and is usually a big seller. 


5. Sea Glass Coaster in Resin

We’ve previously proved that coasters are one of the most profitable resin crafts. Check out Lovely Indeed’s simple instruction for making this adorable set of resin coasters.


resin ideas to sell - coasters


Magnets made from pressed flower resin

Beautiful things sell. And this lovely pressed floral resin magnet from Crafts by Amanda will undoubtedly be a bestseller!

pressed flower resin magnet


7. Resin Art of the Ocean

Sustain my Craft Habit’s seashore-inspired resin art will undoubtedly be a moneymaker since it is affordable to produce yet screams high-end!  

resin art ideas to sell- ocean resin art




Do resin crafts have a market?

There is, without a doubt, a market for resin crafts. Resin crafts are attractive, utilitarian, and, best of all, they can be personalized. They’re stylish, popular, and in great demand. However, many of the elements are affordable and simple to make. Making resin items to sell may be a very lucrative business!


Faux Resin Marble in a Modern Jewelry Display

This is another another item that was made on a low budget yet exudes luxury! This will be another top-seller for your resin company. Sustain my Craft Habit provided the technique for this jewelry display.


resin ideas to sell - jewelry display


9. Sprinkle Rings Made of Resin

Resin sprinkle rings may be an excellent addition to your resin jewelry assortment. It’s beautiful and simple to create. Tikkido has the instruction for these bright rings.


resin business ideas - rings


Coasters made of resin

You can never have too many resin coaster types to give your customers, right? Angie Holden of The Country Chic Cottage has created yet another lovely resin coaster design and instruction.


resin craft ideas to sell - coasters


11. UV Resin Acrylic Keychains

Fickle Hobbyist provides a comprehensive written and video instruction to assist you in recreating this stunning keychain design. This acrylic keychain with UV resin employs vinyl cut-outs and is a great project to start as your company grows and you acquire more expertise!


resin projects to sell - keychains


12. Keychain with UV Resin and Waterslide

Waterslide decals are used on this keychain, which is identical to the one above. Fickle Hobbist also contributed this lesson.


resin crafts to sell - keychains




What is the price of resin jewelry?

Resin jewelry costs vary based on the kind of jewelry, the style, and the size of the piece. A tiny set of earrings, for example, may cost $12, whereas a single pendant would cost $5. Larger, more sophisticated designs might cost up to $40! 


13. Memento Box Made of Resin

On our list of the greatest resin craft ideas to sell for profit, this resin pour memento box comes highly recommended. It makes an exquisite memento box out of a wooden box and your creativity! Sustain my Craft Habit has the instruction.


resin keepsake box


Earrings with Sticker and UV Resin 

With this sticker and UV resin craft to sell, you may let your imagination go wild. This Artsy Karma guide demonstrates how to create these stickers and UV resin earrings and keychains. It’s just adorable!


resin earrings


Keychain made of resin

Another resin beauty from Artsy Karma is this resin and sticker keychain. 


resin business ideas - resin keychain


Coasters made of resin

Another kind of resin coaster you might give your customers is this one. Take a look at Artsy Karma’s guide. 


resin crafts to sell - coasters



Resin does sell well. The average price of a resin letter keychain is $10. A resin bookmark is generally the same price. Jewelry may cost anything from $5 to $40 each item, while coaster sets can cost anywhere from $30 to $40 per set.

Larger objects, such as clocks, artwork, kitchen boards, and even furniture, may fetch hundreds of dollars! Adding a personal touch, such as a family name or a specific occasion, might easily treble the cost!


17. Gold Flakes Resin Keychain

What a stunning resin keychain with gold flakes! I’m sure it’ll sell for a good price as well! Get the technique from Sustain my Craft Habit and add this to your list of resin business ideas!


18. Fern Resin Art

Sustain my Craft Habit’s Resin Fern Art is another stunner that will sell for a lot of money!


Necklace and earrings with a donut motif

This adorable resin jewelry set is guaranteed to please your customers. The Country Chic Cottage has a great tutorial.


20. Resin Mickey Mouse Dominoes

O-M-G! This Mickey Mouse resin project is just adorable! Lindsay of Artsy Fartsy Mama has a great tutorial for you! 


21. Mermaid Shell Earring in Resin

Your customers will be asking for more of these lovely resin mermaid shell earrings! This is another lesson from Artsy Fartsy Mama.


Resin Door Knobs 22.

These resin door knobs from Unique Creations by Anita are just stunning!


Bookmarks made of resin

Craft Rocker’s resin bookmarks are both beautiful and useful!



How to Launch a Resin Art Company

It’s easy to start a resin art and craft company. All you have to do now is gather your supplies and get started! As previously stated, there are no particular certifications, permissions, or hoops to go through to establish a resin company. Simply make resin items and sell them. It’s that easy!


What do I need to get started in the resin industry?

One of the cheapest companies to start is a resin company. To begin started, you don’t need much. In fact, you may start with very little and gradually increase your tools, equipment, and materials as your company expands.

To begin, come up with a name for your company, set up social media profiles, and buy your first batch of products (resin, molds, decorative supplies). This is basically everything you’ll need to get your resin company off the ground!


pouring resin into molds


Resin Business Ideas Tips & Tricks

As much as you do, I want your resin company to succeed! The following phrase is one of my favorites!

 “Whether you believe you can or cannot, you are correct.” Henry Ford – 

So, do you believe you can accomplish it? So, let’s get started! Here are some useful hints for growing your resin company.

• Establish objectives and make sure your everyday duties help you achieve them.

• Sell your items on every possible platform. More sales and money in your pocket equal more eyeballs on your stuff.

• Create public relations packages. To get your company noticed, invest in generating PR packages and delivering them to local influencers.

• Excellent product photography is critical.

• Maintain accurate financial records for tax reasons. 

• Don’t forget to include the cost of packing, shipping, and handling in your pricing, not simply the cost of the components. You’ll also want to make sure you’re fairly compensated for your time.


Ideas for Resin Business Logos

Using a site like Canva, you can completely DIY your own company logo! You may personalize Canva templates with your chosen fonts, company colors, and artwork. Just keep in mind that this is your brand, and everything should match. These are the colors you’ll use on a regular basis throughout your social media platforms and in your advertisements. 

If you are unable to make your own logo, you may always look for someone to do it on Fiverr or Etsy. 

Canva, on the other hand, is quite simple to use. In less than five minutes, I developed the logo below!

(I am not linked with any resin company by this name.) This was only for the sake of illustration.)

resin business logo idea


Resin Crafts Business Bonus Information

Materials for Resin Art

The following is a list of basic things; however, you do not need all of them to get started. I’ll start with the epoxy since it’s required. To begin, you may need a few molds. 

• Resin Epoxy

Molds made of resin

• Cups & Stirring Sticks

• Resin Crafting Supplies

• Resin Pigments & Colorants

• Resin Decorative Supplies & Accessories


If you want to create products people love, you’ve got to know what’s in and trending. Here are some of this year’s top, Popular Resin Molds!

Keychains and jewelry are made using letter molds.

Pendant Jewelry Molds – These molds are used to create pendants.

Molds for 3D shapes are used to manufacture spheres, coasters, and containers, among other things.

Resin coaster molds are used to create coasters.

Bookmark Molds – Bookmark molds are used to produce bookmarks.


The Best Resin for Novices

If you’re a newbie, you should start with epoxy resin since it’s the simplest to work with. Casting resin and laminating / doming resin are the two kinds of epoxy resin (they were both described before).

You’ll need to decide whether to use a casting resin (low viscosity and runny) or a doming / laminating resin, depending on your project (high-viscosity and less runny). Casting resin is simple to pour and is mostly used in molds. Doming / laminating resin has a glossy appearance and is applied to surfaces like an epoxy tumbler.

If you’re not sure where start, my top pick for the The Best Resin for Novices is this Epoxy Resin Crystal Clear Kit. The quality is great, it’s easy to mix and pour and it is relatively inexpensive. Note that, this kit doesn’t come with any decorative supplies, but the resin itself is great quality!


making a resin coaster


Resin Thins with a Twist

You may add a variety of ornamental additives to resin to make your resin creations more marketable. Among them are:

• glitter

• flowers and leaves that have dried

• pigments

• beads

• photos

• cut-outs from vinyl

• chunks of glass / smashed glass

• stones for decoration

• pearls

• crystalline

• sand dollars

• buttons

• fabric


Best Resin Craft Projects for Beginners

If you’re just starting out with resin projects, you may prefer to stick to easier resin ideas to sell, at first. The Best Resin Craft Projects for Beginners include:

Keychains made of resin using Molds such as Letter Molds

• Resin Jewelry for Beginners

Coasters made of resin


What stores sell resin for crafts?

Resin for crafts, as well as all the accessories like molds and ornamental items, may be found in a variety of venues. All of your resin craft requirements may be found on Amazon. You’ll be able to acquire your epoxy resin and anything else you need on Amazon!

Resin for crafts is also available at Target, Michaels, Joanne, and Walmart! Check out these fantastic, low-cost resin materials from Walmart!


How to Make Money with Resin Art

Resin crafts may be sold on websites such as Etsy, Facebook, Instagram, and Craigslist.

You must first create an Etsy account and then set up your store. Etsy gets a little part of the transaction, but your things will be seen by millions of people. 

It’s also a good idea to use social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. You have various alternatives on Facebook, including utilizing your personal profile, a company page, advertisements, a Facebook group, and an e-commerce profile to sell on Marketplace. 

You may also create an online shop on your own website (I suggest Shopify) so that customers can buy straight from you with simplicity and comfort. 

You may also invest some time marketing your items in your local shops and stores in the hopes of forming a relationship. Your resin crafts line may be sold in-store. 

Finally, make it a point to attend artisan shows and marketplaces. Get your company’s name out there!

The possibilities are endless!


heating epoxy resin art


Additional Information about Resin Ideas to Sell FAQs

Is resin a profitable venture?

Yes, selling resin crafts is a good business idea since resin crafts are simple and affordable to make, as well as fashionable and in high demand! This makes it a lucrative business opportunity! Resin crafts may range in price from $5 to hundreds of dollars. 


How can I get started in the resin industry?

To start a resin company, you just need to get your supplies, manufacture your resin things, advertise them, and sell them. That’s all there is to it. No permissions, special qualification, or hoops to jump through are necessary.

You’ll want to consider your company name, how you’ll sell your items, and how you’ll deliver to your customers as you get started. Apart from that, there are no complex start-up requirements for your resin company!


What kinds of projects can you do using epoxy resin?

You probably already know that epoxy resin may be used to make a variety of crafts. Resin jewelry, resin keychains, resin art (epoxy paintings), resin coasters, ornamental objects, and even resin furniture are among these crafts. When it comes to epoxy resin crafts, let your imagination go wild!


resin ideas to sell


What are some cool resin additions?

You may add a variety of additives to resin to make your resin creations more marketable. Glitter, dried flowers and leaves, colorants, beads, photographs, vinyl cut-outs, glass nuggets, ornamental stones, pearls, crystals, seashells, buttons, and other embellishments are among them.


I’m looking for a place to sell my resin crafts.

Resin creations may be sold via Etsy, Facebook Marketplace, Instagram, and even Craigslist. You may also create an online shop on your own website so that customers can buy straight from you with simplicity and pleasure. 

You may also invest some time marketing your items in your local shops and stores in the hopes of forming a relationship. Your resin crafts line may be sold in-store.

You may also sell your creations at local craft fairs and markets.


woman on laptop to sell resin crafts


Is epoxy resin available at Target?

Epoxy resin is available at Target. In fact, Target not only sells epoxy resin, but they also offer all of the accessories that go along with it! Epoxy mixing cups, sticks, resin pigment kits, glitter, molds, beginning resin kits, and more can be found at Target!


Yes, without a doubt! You may sell your resin crafts on Facebook in a variety of ways. You may use your personal profile to promote and sell to your Facebook pals. You may also use a Facebook group or a business page to promote and sell your items.

You may then use Facebook advertisements to increase the number of people who see your company page and merchandise. Finally, you may create an e-commerce profile on Facebook Marketplace and sell your resin creations.


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Finally, some thoughts on selling resin crafts

Why not give it a go now that you know there’s a demand for resin crafts and you have a broad range of popular resin ideas to sell? Gather your resources, identify your distinctive items, begin promoting, and watch the money come in!

Do you have any suggestions for additional popular resin crafts? Or do you have any other successful business advice? If you have any other suggestions, please leave them in the comments section below. We’d be delighted to hear from you.

For more money-making ideas, be sure to follow us on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram!


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