YouTube is a channel that offers opportunities to reach millions, but it’s also rife with pitfalls. This guide will help you avoid the common mistakes and find success on YouTube!

The “how to make your youtube channel visible in search” is a question that has been asked by many YouTube creators. Here are 7 ways you can make your YouTube Channel more visible in search.


If you make YouTube videos, you know how crucial it is for your channel to show up in the search results. Because the most popular method to locate a channel on YouTube is to simply go to the site and search for its name, this level of exposure is critical.

Some channels, on the other hand, may struggle to achieve this level of exposure and may lose some prospective subscribers and key interactions with their material as a result. This may have a significant impact on the enthusiasm of certain content producers, who may grow perplexed by the circumstance.

But the good news is that we can fully assist you in comprehending why this occurs. We can also walk you through the process of making your YouTube and Google channels more searchable, so you can finally reach out to new audiences and increase the popularity of your videos!

Are you ready to finally receive the attention your material deserves? So, let’s get started!

When I search for my YouTube channel, it doesn’t come up.

To begin, let’s attempt to get a basic understanding of the issue and why it can be affecting your channel. The following are some of the most typical reasons why channels don’t show up in YouTube’s search results at first:

  • Your YouTube channel is brand new.
  • Your channel name appears often in the titles of other people’s videos.
  • You’ve chosen a fairly well-known channel name.
  • Your channel name isn’t suitable for all types of viewers.

If your channel doesn’t fall into any of these categories, we’ll teach you how to enhance your chances of showing up in those search results.

Here are some ideas on what you can do:

1. In your Channel Settings, make your channel name the first keyword.

Go to your YouTube Studio and choose “Settings” followed by “Channel.” Add your channel name as the first term in the list of keywords in the Basic Info section. It’s OK if you leave additional keywords on the list — in fact, it’s recommended — but it’s critical that your channel name comes first.


2. Tag each video with your channel name.

This may be done in the video’s basic editing area before it’s published. You may still edit the tags and add your channel name if the video has already been published.


3. Add your channel name to the “About” page’s description.

Go to “Your Channel,” then to “About,” where you may update your description. You may also go to your YouTube Studio > Customization > Basic Info to accomplish this. Try to enter the channel name in as organically as possible, rather than in a robotic fashion. Well-written and useful material is valued by potential viewers and subscribers.


4. Create a unique URL for your YouTube channel.

To use this function, you must have at least 100 subscribers and your channel must be at least 30 days old. Go to YouTube Studio and choose “Customization” from the drop-down menu. To set a custom URL for your channel, go to the Basic Info section and select “Set a custom URL for your channel.”


If a URL with your channel’s exact name has already been taken, try to choose one that is as close as possible so that your channel may still be found in the search results.

Heads up!

It is recommended that you utilize an incognito window on your browser to examine the searchability of your channel. Using your regular account will not provide an objective standard, since your channel would most likely appear in the search results.

An incognito window may simulate the experience of a user who has never seen your material before – which is exactly what you want!

How to Make Your YouTube Channel Google Searchable

Here are some more techniques for making your YouTube channel visible on Google:

1. Choose the Best Keywords for Your YouTube Channel

First, determine which keywords are appropriate for your channel. You may use simple association to choose topics and phrases that are organically related to your material, or you can use an internet tool or website to aid you with your keyword research. These may be found in a variety of places online. 

YouTube’s own recommended search function is one of my favorites. Simply fill in the topic you’ll be discussing in your video, and it will provide you with a list of keywords to use in your video titles and descriptions:


2. Include important keywords in the description of your channel or on the “About” page.

To add relevant keywords to the description of your channel on the “About” page, follow the guidelines in the preceding part of this tutorial. It’s critical to write succinctly while yet include crucial keywords in the description language so that people may discover your material not just by searching for your channel’s name, but also by searching for the themes you cover in your videos.

Remember that even if people have never heard of your channel, they may be seeking for the sort of material you provide.

3. Fill up your Channel Keywords and Video Tags with relevant keywords for your channel.

Go to your YouTube Studio and choose “Settings” followed by “Channel.” Include not just your name and channel name in the Basic Info area, but also any relevant keywords connected to your videos. You should do the same thing for each new video you release.

If you do a lot of culinary videos, for example, you may include keywords like “cooking,” “how to cook,” “vegan recipes,” and so on. Only include keywords that are actually related to your channel. If you don’t, search engines may be confused about the purpose of your channel.

My YouTube channel is still inaccessible. What am I supposed to do?

If your channel is still not searchable after following the recommendations we gave, you may want to try renaming it. Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Click “Customize Channel” on the main page of your channel.
  2. Hover over the option “Edit channel name” in the Basic Info section and modify the name.

Make an effort to come up with a name that is both basic and distinctive. Or, even better, come up with your own memorable brand name:


Here are some things to avoid while picking a new name for your channel:

  • Choosing a name for a popular channel that already exists. That isn’t going to help your channel or content in any way. 
  • Choosing a name that is overused. For example, if your channel is dedicated to film reviews, don’t just call it “Film Reviews.” There are likely hundreds of channels with the same name, making exposure for your channel exceedingly difficult. Come up with a unique and appealing name using your imagination.
  • Use curse words sparingly in the title of your channel. Using curse words or any other unclear language that implies obscenity or profanity of any type will significantly reduce the visibility of your content and render your channel invisible in search results. 

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The “how to make your youtube video visible” is a question that comes up frequently. Here are some ways you can make your YouTube channel visible in search.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: There is no predefined way to do this, but it may be possible by becoming a partner on YouTube.

Why cant I find my YouTube channel when I search it?

A: If you are searching for your YouTube channel, it will not be able to show up in the search bar. This is due to copyright restrictions that prevent companies from including their competitors names and brands within an advertisement.

How do I fix my YouTube channel is not searchable?

A: If you have issues with your YouTube channel not being searchable, there is a couple of things that need to be done. First off, make sure the video title has the correct format and doesnt have any errors in it such as misspellings or other mistakes. After that, try going into YouTubes help page for more information about what might be causing this issue.

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