The world of ecommerce has brought with it a whole host of regulations and many challenges for small-business owners. One such challenge is the question of how to sell eyelashes online without breaking any laws. This article explores what you can do to keep your business compliant, no matter where you are in the world.

If you are looking to sell your eyelashes online, there are several vendors that can help. You can find these vendors by searching for “eyelash vendors.”

How To Sell Eyelashes Online?

How Do You Sell Eyelashes On The Internet? – Start a home-based lash company.

Do you want to learn How to Make Money Selling Eyelashes Online and start your own lash business from the comfort of your own home?

As eyelashes become increasingly popular, creating an online eyelash company is a terrific opportunity to capitalize on the trend.

We’ll show you how to pick the proper sort of lashes, attract clients, and price your items in this article. Starting an online eyelash company is simpler than you think with the appropriate tools and knowledge.

While there are many goods you can sell online, none compares to eyelashes today!

So, what do you have to lose? Continue reading to discover all you need to know about this fascinating field!

Start your own eyelash business online now!

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Is it possible to earn money selling eyelashes online?


It’s no secret that the beauty business is worth billions of dollars. Every year, women (and men!) spend billions of dollars on cosmetics and services to enhance their looks.

What about the eyelash industry? Is it possible to earn money selling eyelashes online?

Yes, it’s a resounding yes!

In reality, the eyelash industry is rapidly expanding, leaving lots of potential for new enterprises to emerge.

The Global Lash Extension Market was valued at USD 1.36 billion in 2020 and is expected to reach USD 2.31 billion by 2028, rising at a CAGR of 6.95 percent from 2021 to 2028, according to Verified Market Research.

It’s never been simpler to reach out to prospective clients and sell your items owing to the power of social media.

Whether you’re selling high-end mink lashes or more inexpensive synthetic alternatives, there’s a veritable gold mine of clients waiting to get their hands on your wares.

Of course, just like any other company, starting and running an eyelash business takes time and effort.

But don’t worry, we’re here to assist you.

We’ll provide you all the information you need to get started in this article.

Why do people shop for eyelashes on the internet?

The attractiveness of artificial eyelashes for many individuals is that they may assist to improve the look of the eyes. 

Fake eyelashes come in a larger choice of shapes and colors than ever before, making them a wonderful opportunity to try out new looks. 

They’re also a good choice for special occasions when you want your makeup to be flawless.

Furthermore, many individuals prefer synthetic eyelashes to regular mascara since they are more pleasant to wear. 

After all, who doesn’t want to look good?

How much money can you earn online by selling eyelashes?

If you’re considering selling eyelashes online, you may be wondering how much money you can expect to earn.

The reality is that selling eyelashes online has a lot of possibilities for making money.

You might earn hundreds or even thousands of dollars every sale depending on the quality of the lashes and the price point you select.

Building a successful internet company, of course, requires time and work.

However, if you’re prepared to put in the effort, selling eyelashes online may be a lucrative business.

Consider the following scenario.

If you offer high-end mink lashes for $30 each pair and sell 100 pairs per month, you’ll make $3000 per month and $36,000 per year.

If you offer lower-cost synthetic lashes for $10 per pair and sell 1000 pairs per month, you’ll make $10,000 per month and more than $100,000 per year.

As you can see, there are several opportunities to profit from selling eyelashes online.

Glamour reports that excellent quality eyelashes cost between $120-300 per pair. You’ll earn over $5000 if you make 50 sales every month.

What kind of eyelashes can you sell on the internet?

Selling eyelashes over the internet is a terrific method to supplement your income.

However, with so many various types of eyelashes available, it may be difficult to know where to begin.

The following are the most popular eyelash styles to sell:

Eyelash Mink:

Mink lashes are created out of mink fur. They’re softer and more natural-looking than synthetic lashes, and they’re also reusable.

That means they’re also pricey, selling for up to $300.

Faux Eyelash Mink:

Synthetic fibers are used to make faux mink lashes. They have a similar appearance to mink lashes but are less expensive, costing roughly $30.

Eyelash Silk:

Silk lashes are made of silk, as the name implies. They’re softer and more natural-looking than synthetic lashes, and they’re also reusable.

They are also on the more expensive side, costing roughly $200.

Eyelash Extensions:

Synthetic fibers are used to make synthetic lashes. They are the most cost-effective lash, costing roughly $10.

Lash Extensions

Fake eyelashes are the most popular option at most reseller outlets.

Lashes for everyday use

Although individuals have different tastes in artificial eyelashes, not everyone wants to seem like they’re using them.

One of the most popular kinds of lashes to sell is natural-looking lashes.


Which kind of lashes should you sell?

Your target market will determine the sort of eyelashes you offer.

Do you want to market to consumers that like a natural appearance? Do you want to market to those who desire a more dramatic appearance?

There is no right or incorrect solution in this situation. Finding the correct market for your items is crucial.

If you’re unsure about the sort of eyelashes to sell, start with fake lashes.

They are the most cost-effective and accessible. They also provide an excellent opportunity to try out new outfits.

In any event, before determining which kind of eyelash to sell, you should follow these three steps:

Competitor Analysis:

It’s crucial to conduct some research on your competition before deciding which style of eyelashes to offer.

What sort of lashes do they have for sale? How much do they charge? What do their ratings say?

This study will assist you in gaining a better grasp of the market and what customers want.

Choose your target market:

It’s time to choose your target market when you’ve completed your study.

Who are you trying to sell to? What type of looks do they want to achieve?

These questions can assist you narrow down the types of eyelashes to sell.

To find out what people are looking for the most, do keyword research:

It’s time to undertake some keyword research once you’ve decided on your target market.

This will assist you in determining which kind of eyelashes individuals are looking for the most.

Simply search “eyelashes” into Google to get started. After that, examine the outcomes.

What sort of eyelashes are the most prominent? These are the eyelashes you should be selling.

You should also use keyword research tools such as

  • Keyword Planner by Google
  • Ahrefs
  • SEMrush

You’ll notice a list of all the various terms people are looking for when it comes to eyelashes from there.

This will assist you in determining which sorts of eyelashes to sell.

To find out what consumers want, do a customer survey.

After you’ve completed your research, reach out to your target market to learn about their needs.

The most effective approach to achieve this is to conduct a poll of your prospective clients.

A survey may be created using a tool like Google Forms or SurveyMonkey.

Then just email it to your prospective consumers to see what they think.

This information will be quite useful when determining which kind of eyelashes to sell.

How can you start your own internet eye last selling business?

Entrepreneurship is tremendously rewarding, but there are a few assumptions that company owners should avoid. Here are some tips to help you create a foolproof business plan:

Step 1: Research the eyelash market and choose a product:

Before you begin selling eyelashes, you must first determine which kind of eyelashes are in high demand.

Eyelashes come in a variety of materials, including mink, silk, synthetic, and human hair.

All of these options are available via internet retailers such as Amazon. Mink and silk lashes are said to be of the highest quality.

Synthetic eyelashes are a good place to start if you’re on a tight budget.

The next stage is to choose a product that will appeal to your target market. If you want to market to customers who desire a natural appearance, mink or silk lashes are the way to go.

If you want to market to customers who desire a more dramatic appearance, fake lashes are the way to go.

Step 2: Locate an eyelash vendor.

The next step is to discover a provider for the product you’ve chosen.

Suppliers may be found on websites like Alibaba and DHgate.

Choose a dependable source that can give you with high-quality items at a reasonable cost.

Step 3: Register your eyelash company and give it a name.

It’s time to name your eyelash company and register it officially once you’ve chosen the product and provider.

This may be accomplished by forming an LLC or a company. If your company is sued, this will safeguard your personal assets.

Your local government should also provide you a business license.

When it comes to name your firm, there are a few factors to consider:

  • Keep it simple: Your company’s name should be simple to remember and spell.
  • Make it unique: Make sure your business name isn’t already being used by another organization. 
  • Avoid employing slang or jargon in your company name.
  • Use niche-defining keywords and phrases: Use keywords and phrases that are related to the product you’re offering. This will make it easier for consumers to locate your company online.

Step 4: Create an eyelash business website.

After you’ve legally established your eyelash company, the following step is to construct a website for it.

Your website should be polished and simple to use.

Include high-resolution images of your items as well as detailed descriptions.

You should also start a blog and upload eyelash-related stuff. This will assist you in increasing the number of visits to your website.

Starting and developing a website is not a tough or technical undertaking. For as little as $3.95 a month, you can get started.

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Step 5: Set up your eyelash business’s social media profiles.

Creating social media profiles for your eyelash company is another crucial step. This will aid in the promotion of your items and the reach of a larger audience.

Make sure to include high-resolution images and videos of your merchandise.

On your social media platforms, you should also provide discounts and prizes.

Step 6: Put money into marketing.

The next stage is to spend in marketing once you’ve set up your website and social media profiles.

  • Create Google AdWords campaigns to get started.
  • You may also run Facebook and Instagram advertising and design social media ads.
  • Collaboration with influencers who can promote your items is also a good idea.

Check out how to employ a virtual assistant if you’re trying to recruit one for your company. It is tough to recruit a full-time staff as a small company owner, and a virtual assistant is the greatest option to obtain support without having to deal with the overhead expenses of employing an employee.

Step 7: Deliver outstanding customer service.

Last but not least, outstanding customer service is required.

This includes swiftly answering client questions and providing a money-back guarantee.

You should also provide free delivery on purchases over a specific value.

How can you locate clients to purchase your eyelashes over the internet?


Eyelashes for sale on Instagram:

You should sell your eyelashes on Instagram if you want to attract a wide audience.

To reach a larger audience, you may write appealing posts and incorporate hashtags.

You may also work with influencers to market your merchandise.

Ads on Instagram are another approach to reach a larger audience. 

You may also use your social media profiles to provide discounts and freebies.

Eyelashes for sale on Facebook:

Facebook is another place where you may sell your lashes.

You may set up a Facebook profile for your company and share appealing images of your items.

You can also run Facebook advertising.

On your Facebook page, you should also offer discounts and prizes.

On Etsy, you can sell eyelashes:

You should sell your eyelashes on Etsy if you want to target a more specialized clientele.

This site is mostly utilized by those seeking for handcrafted items.

To reach more people, you may make appealing listings and include keywords. On your Etsy shop, you should also provide discounts.

Find out what you can sell on Etsy and how to establish an Etsy shop here.

On Amazon, you can sell eyelashes:

Amazon is another place where you may sell your lashes.

People who are seeking for more economical items often utilize this site. To reach more people, you may make appealing listings and include keywords.

On your Amazon shop, you should also provide discounts.

FBA is another excellent option to get started selling on Amazon. You won’t have to bother about maintaining product, and Amazon will handle shipping. They charge a premium, but it keeps your firm running smoothly. Here’s how to get started with Amazon FBA.

Eyelashes for sale on eBay:

You should sell your eyelashes on eBay if you want to reach a larger international audience.

To reach more people, you may make appealing listings and include keywords.

On your eBay shop, you should also provide discounts.

Discover all of the goods you may sell on eBay and how to sell on eBay.

On Shopify, you can sell eyelashes:

You should sell your eyelashes on Shopify if you want to start your own website.

You may use this platform to build a professional website and sell your stuff online.

To reach more individuals, you may leverage Shopify’s marketing options.

On your Shopify shop, you should also provide discounts. 

Selling your eyelashes on makeup-specific websites in your region is another approach to reach a larger audience.

To reach more people, you may make appealing listings and include keywords. You should also offer discounts on your listings.

Nykaa, for example, is an Indian marketplace dedicated only to beauty items.

On Big Cartel, you may sell eyelashes.

Big Cartel is a fantastic place for selling eyelashes online. It’s free for up to 5 items (after that it is 9.99 a month). 

You may make a professional website and sell your goods over the internet.

To reach more people, you may utilize Big Cartel’s marketing capabilities. Discounts on your listings should also be available.

Create your own online shop.

If you want to have more control over your website, then you should Create your own online shop..

To build your website, you may utilize a platform like WooCommerce or Shopify.

You may utilize these channels to reach a larger audience and provide product discounts.

What are some pointers for starting an internet eyelash business?

Here are some pointers for starting an internet eyelash business:

Locate the appropriate product:

Finding the proper product is the first step. You must locate a product that is both high-quality and in great demand.

You may do market research to see which items are popular.

You may also get advice from your friends and relatives on the things to sell. 

Price it reasonably:

You must price your goods reasonably. You must strike a balance between generating a profit and keeping your prices reasonable for your clients.

You may compare prices of comparable items to determine what is a reasonable price.

Use social media to your advantage:

Social networking is a wonderful tool for reaching out to a larger audience.

To reach more people, you may make appealing listings and include keywords.

Use SEO and keywords to your advantage:

To reach more people, you may harness the power of SEO and keywords.

The optimal keywords for your goods should be researched and included in your listings.

Provide discounts:

Discounts on your items should be available. This will assist you in attracting more clients.

You may use social media, your website, or your e-commerce business to provide discounts.

What do you charge for your lashes?

Eyelash pricing might be difficult. You may not receive any consumers if you price too much.

However, if you charge too little, you may not be able to earn a profit. So, where do you look for the sweet spot?

The first step is to calculate your expenses. This covers the price of the lashes as well as any shipping or other costs related with delivering them to your consumer.

You may start experimenting with various pricing points after you know your expenses.

A 50 percent markup on your expenses is a decent rule of thumb. So, if your lashes cost $10 to make, you’d charge $15 for each pair.

Naturally, you may modify your rates in response to demand and competition.

However, if you follow this rule of thumb, you should be able to come up with a reasonable pricing that allows you to profit.

Your Eyelashes Will Be Shipped And Packaged

Packing and shipping eyelashes may seem difficult, but with a few easy techniques, you can guarantee that your lashes arrive securely and peacefully at their destination.

To begin, choose a strong box or envelope to safeguard your lashes from damage while shipping.

To cushion your lashes and prevent them from moving while shipment, pad the interior of the box or envelope with tissue paper.

Finally, use tape to bind your box and keep your lashes in place. If you follow these easy instructions, your eyelashes will arrive safely!

To prevent expensive shipping expenses, make sure it’s as light as possible.

What is the cost of starting an eyelash business?

The minimal launch cost for an eyelash extension company, according to Starter Story, is $1,813.

An eyelash extension company might cost up to $27,209 to start. 

Of course, these are just estimates, and your real expenses may vary based on a variety of circumstances.

Remember that getting started doesn’t have to be expensive. You may start by selling lashes from your house or on the internet.

You may reinvest revenues back into your firm as it expands to help it grow even more.

FAQs about Selling Eyelashes Online

Is Starting An Eyelash Business Difficult?

It is not difficult to establish an eyelash company. It does, however, need some forethought and work.

You must select a high-quality product, price it competitively, and use social media and SEO to attract a larger audience.

You may make money selling lashes online if you are prepared to put in the effort.

What Are The Most Profitable Eyelashes To Sell On The Internet?

There is no such thing as the “best” eyelash to sell online. However, it is critical to choose a high-quality product at a reasonable price.

You may look into various sorts of lashes to discover what people like.

You may also browse customer reviews to see which lashes are well-made and which are not.

Once you’ve found a few viable solutions, you can begin experimenting with them to determine which ones perform best for your company.

How Much Does It Cost To Ship Eyelashes Over The Internet?

The size and weight of your merchandise will determine the delivery expenses for selling eyelashes online.

You may anticipate to spend roughly $3-$5 for delivery if you’re selling light and tiny lashes.

Shipping rates will be greater if you are selling bigger or heavier products.

It’s essential to include delivery expenses in the price of your goods in order to earn a profit.

What Should I Charge For Eyelash Extensions?

You should set a price that covers your expenses and allows you to profit. A 50 percent markup on your expenses is a decent rule of thumb.

If your lashes cost $10 to make, for example, you should charge $15 a pair.

Naturally, you may modify your rates in response to demand and competition.

However, if you follow this rule of thumb, you should be able to come up with a reasonable pricing that allows you to profit.

With little money, how can I start an eyelash business?

It does not have to be costly to start an eyelash company. You may start by selling lashes from your house or on the internet.

You may reinvest revenues back into your firm as it expands to help it grow even more.

Some fundraising ideas include:

  • Earn a few thousand bucks through freelancing: Begin with providing your services to relatives and friends. You may begin to build your company by promoting your services online after you have a few pleased consumers.

    You may earn the seed money by doing freelance writing, proofreading, accounting, or even voice acting.

  • Sell some of your belongings: You may make money for your company by selling unneeded goods online or at a yard sale. 
  • Start a crowdfunding campaign: To generate funds for your company, you may utilize sites like Kickstarter or Indiegogo.
  • Pawn Jewelry: You may pawn any unwanted jewelry to obtain funds for your company.
  • Apply for a small business loan from either the government or a commercial lender.
  • Find an investor: If you know someone who is interested in investing in your company, you may ask them to do so.

You may start and build a profitable eyelash company with little to no money if you follow these guidelines.

What other lash products do you have to offer?

You may also offer additional lash goods in addition to lashes, such as:

  • Mascara
  • Eyeliner
  • Curlers for lashes
  • Serums for lashes

You can attract more clients and increase sales by having a diverse product line.

If eyelashes aren’t your thing, consider selling DIY beauty items. People are always on the lookout for new natural cosmetic products to try. People will purchase if you promote it successfully and develop results-oriented beauty items. In fact, several amazing skincare company names may be found here.

You might also check at beauty-related direct sales firms. You don’t have to invest money on product development or research. All you have to do is align yourself with one beauty brand and devote your whole marketing and sales effort to it.

Is it profitable to sell eyelashes?

Selling false eyelashes may be a lucrative business.

You can earn a lot of money if you locate a good product and price it competitively.

Is It Worth It To Start An Eyelash Business?

Starting an eyelash company may be a lucrative venture.

You can be successful if you are willing to put in the effort!

You may start and build a profitable lash company by following these guidelines. Best of luck!

How To Sell Eyelashes On The Internet

Starting an eyelash extension company might be the appropriate choice for you if you’re seeking for a successful business opportunity for women or men.

You may earn over $100,000 in your first year in this sector with smart strategy and execution.

You may put yourself up for long-term success in this enterprise by harnessing the power of social media to attract new clients and establish a loyal customer base.

Have you created a lash extension company of your own? What advice would you provide to people seeking a career in this profitable field?

How to Make Money Selling Eyelashes Online

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