Lottery tickets are printed with a number on them, the one that corresponds to the number that corresponds to your drawing entry number. The number printed might be your winning number, or it could get picked for someone else.

Lottery from the past has been a fascinating subject that many have tried to put into their lives. One of the most common lottery tips is the habit of scratching the left-hand corner of the ticket; this was done to know if the winning numbers are coming up. Every lottery tickets has a series of codes and patterns on them, and it is the natural instinct of human to realize that these patterns and codes are related to their future. Once you discover a pattern or code on the ticket, it will become an instant trigger to your subconscious mind, which will allow you to use the information to your advantage.

Itching on the right hand has a specific meaning – and it has something to do with money. Everything you need to know about the superstition of the right hand itching and lottery luck!

Have your mom and your mother’s mama taught you that scratching your right hand signifies you’re going to make some money?

Maybe you’ve heard about the superstition that scratching your right hand implies you’ll win the lottery, and you’re wondering if it’s worth it to risk $5. So, what really is the situation? Is your right hand aching for a lotto win?

You may have even heard that an itching right palm portends good fortune, such as a job promotion, a cheque mailed to your home, or a sum of money transferred into your bank account.

So don’t worry, I’ve got you covered! Let’s look into the superstition of the right hand itching and what it signifies for your money.

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Every country in the globe has its own set of beliefs and superstitions. And almost all of them classify itchy hands as something other than eczema!

There are two categories of individuals in each of these countries: those who are superstitious and those who are not. So if you feel there is a link between money and an itching right palm is entirely up to you and your personal opinions!


The Superstition of the Right Hand Itching

Where did this itch-on-the-right-hand myth originate? We know it’s been passed down through the generations, but who started it?

People in ancient times, on the other hand, felt compelled to discover reasons for what was occurring to them. This was sometimes done just on the basis of observation and likelihood.

Four housewives swept their homes after 6 p.m. one evening in 1786, and then encountered into financial difficulties the next week. Then, hey, sweeping after 6 certainly signifies “sweeping out the wealth from your home,” right?

This is most likely how the superstition about the right hand itching began. Five persons complained of itchy hands centuries ago, and within a few days, two were promoted at work, two received a half-price discount at the butcher, and one found a penny on the side of the road. I’m merely pointing out that this is most likely how it all began. 

However, it is thought that the Saxons and Celts established the link between an itchy right hand and money many, many centuries ago. They each had their own set of beliefs, which they joined to make the one we know today.

They believed that having an itching right palm meant you would be blessed in some way, but you had best be careful! If you scratched the itch, you’d scratch away at your good fortune! 

They also thought that an itch on the left hand signaled that you were about to lose something valuable. 


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What Does It Mean When Your Right Hand Itches?

What does it mean to have an itching right hand?

When your right hand itches, the first thing you should do is rule out the possibility of a medical problem. If you know you have eczema or dry skin, your itchy right palm may require treatment rather than a lottery ticket!

If your itchy right palm isn’t caused by a medical problem or you haven’t been poking your way through any poison ivy recently, it could be a sign of good fortune on the way.

There’s no way to predict how your luck will play out, but you can increase your chances by purchasing a lottery ticket on your way home from the grocery store or entering a workplace raffle!

An itchy right palm isn’t always a sign of success. It may also be a raise at work, a $10 Swagbucks bonus, or even finding $5 in your back pocket!

If you believe in the “right hand itching superstition,” you should be aware that scratching the itch implies scratching away the good luck! Rub your hand on a piece of wood instead. The elders believed that if you did this, the money would come to you (along with the impulse to scratch!).

While the “right hand itching superstition” has been passed down from generation to generation (suggesting some reality), I wouldn’t make any important financial decisions based just on this.



Is Your Right Hand Itching Because of Lottery Luck?

Let’s get to the point of your visit. Is your right hand aching for a lotto win? 

As previously said, an itchy right palm indicates that you will receive a large cash windfall. So, who knows what can happen if you try your luck at the lotto with your itchy right hand?

While I wouldn’t recommend spending $200 on lottery tickets to scratch your right hand, a $5 or $10 donation to the cause wouldn’t harm!

In truth, a number of people have won the lotto as a result of itchy hands:

• In 2019, a Baltimore mom won a $50K prize and suspected it was due to her daughters’ itchy hands! On the same day, all three of them got itchy hands! Coincidence?

• In 2016, a woman from Saskatchewan won a $60 million lottery jackpot! She also mentioned that when she won, she had itchy hands. Her hands were itchy on both sides! Perhaps the right hand itch was for the money and the left hand ache was for the taxes that had to be paid? What are the chances? 

• In 2019, a Maryland couple won a $50,000 scratch-off jackpot. Their itchy hands, they assume, are to blame for their great win!

• Thanks to an itchy hand, a Michigan woman won a $2 million prize in 2018!

• In 2016, a man from Crumlin, Dublin, bought a lottery ticket to relieve his itchy hand and won a €250 000 reward!

• In 2016, a woman from North Carolina won a $100,000 jackpot! Her victory was attributed to her itchy hands. This had inspired her to give it a shot!

Clearly, there is a link between itchy hands and the lottery in all of these occurrences, and there are many more like them. But, before you spend your last few dollars on a lottery ticket, keep in mind that there were probably thousands of other people with itchy right hands who didn’t have as good luck!


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Is it possible to win the lottery with your left hand itching?

This 73-year-old grandma won a stunning $64 million prize after her LEFT hand started itching, despite what we’ve been told over the years! When she got the itch, she really jumped off the bus and tried her luck.

It certainly makes you wonder if good luck comes from an itchy right hand or an itchy left hand.

What I’ve learnt is that it depends on the person! Despite the popular notion that a right hand itch means you’ll receive and a left hand itch means money will leave (R – right, receive & L – left, leave), apparently this is only the case for some people.

Others may experience the opposite, receiving money when their left hand itches and losing money when their right hand itches. 

In certain cultures, having an itching left palm is considered auspicious. To retain your luck, simply spit in your left palm and massage it against your hip when it itches. WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?! I’m going to stick to rubbing it on wood for now. So, how about you?

Anyway, if you’re not sure which hand represents which emotion, pay attention the next time you have an itch and write down what happens. You’ll eventually figure out which hand is your lucky hand! 

Go ahead and try your lottery luck once you’ve figured out which hand gives you luck. It’s possible that your name will be added to the list above!

But remember to do so in moderation. If you’re having “itchy hands” a lot, you might need to see a doctor instead of buying another lottery ticket!


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Right Hand Itching Lottery Number

What role does it have in the lottery if your hand itches?

If you opt to risk your itchy palms, there’s no way of knowing what the winning numbers will be. Every lottery and lotto game has its own algorithm and structure.

Some people, on the other hand, swear by associating lucky numbers with their daily lives. If you’re one of these people and your right hand is itchy, you might be wondering what hand itching means in the lottery.

The numbers 333 and 353, according to one lottery book, are for hand itching. Another divides it into 894 and 194 for right-hand itching, 636 and 437 for left-hand itching, and 371 and 616 for itchy hands in general.

Do you see a pattern here? There is no such thing as a “perfect” lottery number that will boost your odds of winning. You’ll get different numbers from different books.

To be honest, going with your gut is the best option. But, in case you’re wondering about what worked for others, Granny from the bus won $64 million by picking numbers based on the birthdays of her relatives’ family members!

So why don’t you just pick numbers that are meaningful to you?


lottery number for right hand itching


When both of your hands itch, what do you do?

When several of the lotto winners named above won large, they said both of their hands were itching. There’s a popular proverb that goes something like this:

“If your palms itch, you’re on your way to becoming wealthy!”

So, if both of your hands are itching, it could be a sign that you’re about to make some money! It is said that if both of your hands itch, you should place them in your pockets and scratch them there. This will help you get more money in your wallet!

If both of your palms are itchy, some individuals believe you should grab your hair and massage your palms against it. It is stated that the amount of money you will receive is proportional to the amount of hair you initially grab!


right hand itching lottery - money in palms


Female Right Hand Itching vs. Male Right Hand Itching

Is there a difference between males and females when it comes to right hand itching? Again, this is all based on centuries of observation, but many people believe that men and women have different meanings for itchy right palms. 


Itching on the right hand of a female

In certain cultures, it’s said that scratching your right hand only brings you good luck if you’re a man. As a result, if you’re a woman with an itching right palm, it’s possible that you’ll lose money rather than receive it. People in these countries believe that women will only be paid if they have a left hand itch.


right hand itching female - woman holding cash


Male Itching on the Left Hand

As previously stated, some individuals only equate good fortune with an itching right hand in men! In this situation, an itchy left hand indicates the polar opposite for men: money is ready to leave!


The Scientific Method

Some people are completely unconcerned by superstitions. (I’m curious if these people say “bless you” when someone sneezes, or if they even wear wedding rings?) Facts to remember: -Wedding rings are worn on the left finger because it was thought to be the only finger in ancient Egypt to have a vein flowing directly to the heart! -When someone sneezes, people say “bless you” since it is believed.

Anyway, for the purpose of these individuals, let’s look at some plausible reasons for right hand itching.

Itchy hands can be caused by a variety of factors, according to science:

• Allergy symptoms

• Accidents

• Diabetic complications

• Illnesses

• Loss of hydration

There are a variety of medical conditions that might cause your hands to itch. Please consult your doctor if you believe your itchy hands are due to a significant medical issue.


What should you do if your hand starts to itch?

You can opt to try your luck with a lottery ticket or sign up for that promotion you’ve been eyeing once you’ve ruled out a medical problem as the reason of your itch.

Rub your hand on a piece of wood, grab your hair and rub your palms against it, put your hands in your pockets and scratch them, or even spit in your palms and rub them on your hip if you’re superstitious. Choose one, or try all four for a quadruple dose of luck!

woman holding her hair


What does it signify when your right foot itch at the bottom?

When the bottom of your right foot itch, it usually implies you’re ready to go somewhere, according to superstition. It is unrelated to receiving or giving money, despite its resemblance to an itchy right hand.


Other myths about money

Are there any other money-related superstitions that still exist today, now that we know about itchy hands and lottery luck? Here are a handful I’m familiar with!

• Sweeping the house after 6:00 p.m. entails sweeping away your money as well as any good fortune.

• If you leave your purse on the floor, you will lose money.

• Having a fortunate bamboo in your home can help you to prosper.

• You will be wealthy if you have hairy arms.

• When you see a shooting star for fortune, say the word “money.”

Are there any others you’re aware of? Let us know in the comments section below!


Are you curious about the origins of superstitions? Take a look at this TED-Ed video!



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Final Thoughts on Is Your Right Hand Itching Because of Lottery Luck

After learning everything there is to know about the meaning of your right hand itching and lottery luck, you should be in a better position to decide whether or not you want to try your luck. What are the chances? Maybe you’ll be the next multi-millionaire!

So, what are your thoughts? Is your right hand aching for a lotto win? Have you ever won the lottery after your right hand began to itch? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below. We’d be delighted to hear from you!

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Is Your Right Hand Itching Because of Lottery Luck? (How to gain money in 2021 by using this luck)

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