Sabika is a 7-year-old girl who is scheduled to leave her home in Pakistan for the United States in June 2017. Sabika is one of the many lucky refugees who will be welcomed in America. While this is a great cause, there are numerous risks involved when welcoming a Pakistani citizen to the United States. Sabika is an online scam, in which scammers use the sweet face of a child to lure people in, in order to steal their money.

If you are one of those who thinks the stock market is the only place to make money, then you are also one of those who believe that there is nowhere you can go wrong. If you are not one of those who believe that, then you may want to rethink your opinion of the stock market. While there are some that are very good at competing with others, there are some technical technical that are very easy to fool.

With Sabika, the UK government has produced its most important investment in decades. With Saudi Arabia needing money for its future, the UK, the US and the UK government want that money. So they’re pushing Sabika. It’s a good opportunity. It’s a win win.

Sabika, Inc. pledges to provide women of all ages and backgrounds opportunity. Is Sabika, however, a genuine opportunity or simply another MLM that preys on women?

Is Sabika a good investment? According to the Sabika Annual Income Disclosure Statement, at least 95% of the opportunity’s Consultants lose money. Only around 1% of the population works full-time.

If you’re thinking about joining the Sabika business opportunity, read this article all the way through and watch the video, Why You Can’t Win with MLM.

A few minutes spent here may save you time, money, energy, and reputation by preventing you from spending your time, money, energy, and reputation on a game that is rigged against you.


Is Sabika a Good Investment?

Sabika is a direct sales firm that promises to provide unique “affordable high-end jewelry” as well as a business opportunity.

Sabika advertises its jewels and opportunities via party planning, an archaic approach that predates the internet and is said to be “by women for women.”

Sabika has a multi-tiered pay structure. Sabika is classified as a multi-level marketing business (MLM) by opponents of the sector because of its structure.

I’ll refer to Sabika as an MLM throughout this essay.

For the company’s founders and the few experts at the top of the salesforce, the MLM system may be very profitable.


According to Dr. Jon Taylor’s study, however, the MLM business model abuses everyone in the sales force below the highest ranks.

Only a small fraction make a profit, and even fewer make a full-time living.

Most individuals who attempt MLM soon discover that it costs them more time and money than they anticipated, and that they are not making any money.

An MLM salesman would often leave after spending hundreds or thousands of dollars to their credit card for a starting kit, monthly fees, and product purchases to “qualify.”

Most will give up after a few months, leaving nothing except credit card debt and damaged personal relationships as a result of their efforts.

Sabika cannot be deemed a good opportunity since so few people who attempt it ever make a profit.

A part-time work at minimal pay would be more fulfilling.


You Should Know These Sabika Secrets.

  1. 1The vast majority of Sabika consultants lose money.
  2. 2Sabika is an MLM that is owned by a private company.
  3. 3Sabika has the power to dismiss you at any time.
  4. 4Sabika jewelry is a kind of fashion jewelry that is created from base metals and synthetic stones.
  5. 5The Sabika opportunity ranges in price from $100 to $650.
  6. 6To receive commissions, a Sabika Consultant must produce $500 in retail sales every 90 days.
  7. 7To receive overrides, a Sabika Consultant must produce $500 in retail sales every 30 days.

Why MLM Isn’t a Good Investment (Video)


Click to watch Why You Can’t Win with MLM if you don’t see the video.

You are the client.

In a pure sales arrangement, such as affiliate marketing, the salesperson is compensated for generating revenue for the business. It’s a straightforward procedure. You earn money when you sell something.

The MLM sales model flips this on its head by requiring the salesperson to pay the business for the privilege of generating money for it.

This is a ruse disguised as a chance.

To make things worse, the business offers the salesman incentives to keep paying the company each month.

Only in MLM is the client first and foremost for the salesman.

The Sabika pay scheme is designed to generate money for the business at the cost of the salesforce.

This is why the vast majority of consultants lose money. And why a lot of people have a lot of credit card debt.


New Consultants account for a significant portion of MLM businesses’ income.

The MLM business has a high and consistent turnover rate. New consultants come and go on a regular basis.

Every new Consultant is rapidly converted into a source of income since they are typically gone after a few weeks.

Sabika is well aware that the majority of individuals who test out its offer will abandon it within a few months. As a result, Sabika has various methods in place to extract as much money as possible from a new Consultant as soon as feasible.

It all begins with the purchase of a Sabika Consultant’s starting kit.


Your Road to Financial Independence!

Free Coaching & Training

Sabika Starter Kits are a great way to get started with Sabika.

The Sabika Essentials Starter Kit costs $100, the Sabika Boutique Kit costs $250, and the Sabika Entrepreneurial Kit costs $650.

Your sponsor will almost certainly attempt to sell you the most costly starting package, which will set you back $650. She’ll go back to the $250 kit if it doesn’t work.

If you don’t want to purchase the Boutique Kit, she’ll try to convince you to buy the $100 kit.


Websites that have been cloned by Sabika.

A Sabika Consultant is also responsible for the cost of a cloned website. After the first month, it costs $12.99. These websites are likely produced mechanically and at a low cost to the business.

Sales Requirements for Sabika

The Consultant is the first level of the Sabika Compensation Plan. Every rolling three-month period, a Consultant must produce $500 or more in retail sales in order to receive commissions.

She must regularly make $500 in retail sales every month before she may receive overrides on the individuals she sponsors.

Bonuses are also available for selling $3,000 or more each month.

This is when things start to get interesting.

Personal purchases may help a Sabika Consultant meet her sales goals.

To put it another way, a new Sabika Consultant could be pushed to purchase $500 to $3000 in jewelry in order to receive incentives and overrides.

Sabika earns a profit as the new Consultant charges hundreds or thousands of dollars on her credit card.

This is characteristic of MLMs, which is why opponents label the business as predatory.


Sabika’s Kill Switch

Sabika has the right to end your connection with the business at any moment, for any reason or no reason.

Imagine spending thousands of dollars and years of your life developing your Sabika company only to have it snatched away from you.

The Sabika Consultant Agreement specifies in paragraph 10 that the agreement may be canceled without reason.

Sabika owns your company, not you.

The Federal Trade Commission has issued a warning.

On its website, the United States Federal Trade Commission (FTC) provides a wealth of information on multilevel marketing.

When it comes to regulating MLMs and filtering out pyramid scams that masquerade as MLMs, the FTC has a tough task ahead of it.

If you’re contemplating a “opportunity” like Sabika, there are a few things you should know, according to the FTC.

To begin, determine how much most Sabika Consultants really make.

Second, see whether Sabika promotes recruitment as a source of income.


What Do Sabika Consultants Get Paid?

It’s been said that it’s not how much money you earn that matters, but how much money you keep.

To put it another way, did you earn a profit?

We need to know how much the typical Sabika Consultant earned in commissions, bonuses, and overrides before we can determine the average profit made by a Sabika Consultant.

Furthermore, we need information on the typical costs spent by a Consultant in the course of her company operations.

Sabika Consultants earned an average of $1,352 or less for the year, according to the Sabika 2016 Annual Income Disclosure Statement!

It is stated in the small print under the Disclosure that 30% of ALL Sabika Consultants received NO INCOME.

Sabika further clarifies that the numbers in the Statement DO NOT reflect a Consultant’s profit in a paragraph under the Income Disclosure.

Commissions, overrides, and incentives are included in the Disclosure numbers before costs are subtracted.

Dr. Jon Taylor’s work will be used to determine costs.

Dr. Jon Taylor investigated the top 300 MLMs in North America in 2011. He came to the conclusion that the average annual cost of operating an MLM distributorship was $2,500.

When adjusted for inflation, the amount is $2,740 in 2016, according to the BLS Inflation Calculator.

A Sabika Consultant would pay self-employment taxes in addition to the cost of doing business (if they made more than $600 for the year).

According to the IRS website, the self-employment tax is 15.3 percent of earnings and supports Social Security and Medicare for people who work for themselves.

The average Sabika Consultant Income is $1,352, therefore 15% of $1,352 is $207.

Sabika Consultants are also forced to pay $12.99 per month for a clone website, which is an additional $156 per year cost.

If she additionally purchased a starting kit and jewelry that year, the expense would have an effect on her profit. We’ll leave these costs out of our estimates since they may fluctuate so much.

We have sufficient evidence to support our position.

When we deduct the anticipated costs from the average income of 95% of Sabika Consultants, we find that 95% of Sabika Consultants LOSE $1,751 each year.

The more time a Sabika Consultant spends trying to achieve monthly sales goals, the more money she will lose.

As you can see, if you use realistic estimates of how much the Sabika opportunity would cost, 95% of Sabika Consultants will lose approximately $1,751 per year on average.

It is a better use of your time to work at a minimal pay job.


Is Sabika a proponent of recruiting?

The Sabika Compensation Plan is divided into nine tiers.

  1. 1Consultant
  2. 2Director
  3. Director of 3 Stars
  4. Director 4Crystal
  5. Crystal Director (5-Star)
  6. Silver Director, 6 Stars
  7. 7Director of Gold
  8. Director, 8-Star Gold
  9. Platinum Director with 9 Stars

Every level, save the entry-level Consultant, needs recruiting to earn money, according to the Sibika Compensation Plan.

According to the FTC, this is a red sign.

The FTC’s Warning is worth revisiting.

Before you join an MLM, the FTC advises that you find out how much most of the salespeople make and whether recruitment was marketed as a means to gain money.

We discovered that the majority of Sabika Consultants lose money, and that recruitment is actually pushed as a means of profit.

The Unknown Goal of Sabika.

Sabika proudly proclaims on its website that it is “created by women, for women.”

Sabika states in its mission statement that it was established with the goal of providing “opportunity to women of all ages and backgrounds.”

Generosity is at the heart of who we are, according to the Sabika About Page.

Regardless of these laudable claims, Sabika is not a charitable organization. It was not designed to assist you in making money.

Sabika is a company. It was established in order for its owners to profit. Its main aim, like any other company, is to maximize profits.

Sabika would not be an MLM, in my view, if she really intended to assist women.

Instead, it would provide a straightforward affiliate network in which women are paid a flat commission on every transaction they make, with no starting kits, games, quotas, recruitment, or other nonsense.

Sabika isn’t like that.

Sabika’s promises of benevolence and assisting women are difficult to trust since the business employs an exploitative pay structure that transforms every Consultant into a source of income.

Every company, at its core, speaks just one language: the language of numbers. So, what’s the bottom line here?

While 95% of Sabika Consultants lose money, and many women go into debt in pursuit of the Sabika ideal, the business makes over $600 million each year.


Sabika is a brand of jewelry.

It’s important to grasp the difference between fine jewelry and fashion jewelry, often known as costume jewelry, in order to appreciate Sabika jewelry.

Precious metals and jewels are used to create fine jewelry. Fine jewelry is usually made of platinum, gold, or silver.

These valuable metals will always be valuable. A worn gold ring will be worth at least the gold it contains.

Fine jewelry usually contains valuable jewels such as diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and emeralds.

Precious gems, like precious metals, will always be valuable.

Sabika does not provide exquisite jewels for purchase.

Sabika offers both trendy and bespoke jewelry.

Because fashion jewelry is composed of basic metals like aluminum, brass, or brass alloy, the only value it has is what people think it is worth.

To put it another way, its worth is decided solely by marketing. A old brass ring is barely worth a few cents.

Plastic, cubic zirconia, and Swarovski crystals are the most common stones used in fashion jewelry (leaded glass).

Sabika Cut®, the gorgeous Swarovski stone that Sabika is so proud of, is nothing more than leaded glass.

Its sole worth is its perceived worth, which is entirely dependent on marketing.

Your gold and diamonds will be bought by a jeweler, but not your Sabika jewelry.

If you appreciate Sabika jewelry, purchase it and wear it for what it is: a stylish addition to your daily wardrobe.


Competition is fierce.

There are numerous MLMs that sell jewelry, and many of them, like Sabika, utilize in-home parties.

Worse still, fashion jewelry is widely accessible, both online and offline. Macy’s, Kohl’s, Bloomingdale’s, Cato Fashions, JC Penny’s, and Belk all offer large selections.

A near-infinite variety of trendy jewelry under $20 is available on Amazon.

Etsy is the place to go if you want something more distinctive and handcrafted.

The number of options available on the internet is staggering.

The idea is that launching and maintaining a profitable Sabika company will be difficult. Fashion jewelry is available to women in a variety of places.

On the street, too.

MLMs that sell jewelry are listed below.

  1. 1Avon
  2. 2Younique
  3. 3Vantel Pearls 3Vantel Pearls 3Vantel Pearls 3
  4. 4Jewelry on Park Lane
  5. 5Stella and Dot are a couple.
  6. 6Beads for a Lifetime
  7. 7Nikken
  8. Crystal 8Touchstone
  9. 9 Intriguing Concepts
  10. Bella Shaye is the tenth member of the Shaye family.
  11. 11Executive Designs
  12. 12Sabika Necklaces
  13. Azuli Skye (Azuli Skye) (Azuli Skye)
  14. 14Chloe+Isabel
  15. LILLA ROSE, 15
  16. 16Infinite Expressions
  17. 17Accessories for Photographers
  18. 18Just Beads
  19. The Fifth Avenue Collection is a collection of items from the Fifth Avenue district in New York City
  20. Hope’s 20 Trades

Sabika’s Final Words.

Sabika is a multilevel marketing company (MLM), which has a bad reputation for abusing its salespeople.

MLM is a rigged game, according to corporate fraud investigator Tracy L. Coenen.

In a nutshell, Sabika wants you to pay a large sum of money to the business for a fictitious chance.

Then, like a glorified door-to-door salesman, spend hours a week scheduling and presenting events at people’s homes.

And selling jewelry to generate more money for the business.

Also, in order for the business to earn more money, individuals must be recruited into the opportunity.

I’ve shown that your chances of success with Sabika are little to none. If you attempt it, you’ll almost certainly lose money and give up.

The best you can expect for if you stick it out and develop a Sabika company by pure, white-knuckle dedication is business Sabika may take away at any moment.

Sabika’s kill switch is a genuine thing.

Sabika owns your Sabika company, not you.

A Better Alternative

This is the twenty-first century. We have access to the internet.

You are not obligated to continue exchanging your time for money.

When you have the internet, why would you want to be a famous door-to-door salesperson?

Instead, create a website that generates revenue for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

I’ll show you how to do it.

Why Is Affiliate Marketing Better Than Multi-Level Marketing?
  • Near-permanent passive income
  • A seven-figure business may be managed by one person.
  • Improve Your Chances of Success
  • It’s simple to get started.
  • A GENUINE chance.
  • A tried-and-true route to financial stability
  • You are the owner of your company.
  • There are no hoops to jump through.
  • A worldwide market
  • Income potential is limitless.
  • Most of your company can be automated.
  • There is no need for recruiting.


You’ll never have to leave your house to carry jewels to someone’s house if you have a money-making website.

Alternatively, you may earn money by bothering your friends and relatives.

Alternatively, you may leap through Sabika’s hoops.

You are the boss when you have your own money-making website.

You are the only proprietor of your company. Nobody has the power to take it away from you.

You have the ability to sell to anybody in the globe. Your earning potential is almost limitless.

Work less hours yet make more money!

Instead of making the most money for Sabika, make the most money for yourself!

Start with Affiliate Marketing since it is both inexpensive and simple.

When you sell anything, you earn money. Make sales 24 hours a day, seven days a week by using technology.

I’ve been a marketer for over a decade and have witnessed firsthand how Affiliate Marketing can drastically improve someone’s life.

It’s the greatest opportunity most individuals will ever have to be genuinely financially independent and live life on their own terms, in my opinion.

Imagine the assurance you’ll have knowing you’ll always be able to earn money.

My passion is teaching individuals how to become financially independent via Affiliate Marketing.

That is why I never charge a fee for my coaching services.

However, due of my time constraints, this offer is also restricted.

Get in today if you want to be a part of it.


A fantastic course. Complete all of the training. If you’re stuck, ask for help. Complete all of the lessons. It’s both fascinating and gratifying.

Hani is a marketer that works as an affiliate.

You can only receive my FREE coaching by clicking on the links on this page. All you need is an email address to get started.

I also offer you over-the-shoulder video instruction about the RIGHT WAY to earn money online to assist you get started fast.

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When you have a few Affiliate Marketing talents, you’ll never be short on cash.

That is financial assurance.

Learn how to create a website that makes money around the clock, even while you’re asleep or slacking off.

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Begin your path toward real financial independence.

Now is the time to join my free coaching program.


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