St. Petersburg, Russia has implemented a new program called “50+2” which provides citizens with up to 2 years after release for additional education and work experience before re-entering the workforce as an employee or self-employed individual. The goal of this program is to help reduce recidivism rates in St.Petersburg by providing opportunities for people who have made mistakes in their past that they can now rectify and add value into society again.,

The “felon friendly jobs near me” is a website that helps people find felons-friendly employers in the St. Petersburg area. The site also provides information on how to become a felon-friendly employer.

Jobs for Felons in St. Petersburg

You know how difficult it is to get work as a justice-involved individual. We’ll show you how to discover employment for felons in St. Petersburg, Florida, in this post. Our study team contacted over 1,000 businesses around the country to learn about their employment policies and attitudes on employing ex-offenders. Our staff also includes individuals who have served time in prison; they understand what you’re going through and will share their real-life experiences with you.

Jobs in St. Petersburg that employ criminals


St. Petersburg is part of the Tampa Bay region and is situated on Florida’s gulf coast. It boasts a population of over 260,000 people and is renowned as the “Sunshine City,” so it’s no surprise that golfing, boating, fishing, and beach sports are popular. The Dali Museum, the Museum of Fine Arts, and the Mahaffey Theater are all excellent fine arts destinations. 

If you are looking for jobs in these areas, or other industries such as service or Construction, then you should try our outstanding job search tool. It will help you focus your search for Jobs in St. Petersburg that employ criminals. Give it a try to see what is currently available in your area!

Top employers of criminals in St. Petersburg

It might be tough to search through firms in St. Petersburg to identify companies that hire criminals. Greater employment may not always imply more opportunity. To rebuild our careers, we often have to accept entry-level positions for which we are overqualified. These occupations have the simplest qualifications and are most likely to have the fewest hurdles for persons with criminal histories.

Staffing firms are another excellent alternative for anyone working in the legal system. These businesses are acquainted with the local employment market and can assist you in locating entry-level (and other) positions that meet your educational and experience criteria. They are also one of the most effective methods for finding work rapidly. So, if you need a job quickly, check into St. Petersburg employment agency opportunities for felons. 

The next portion of this article will supply you with a list of firms in St. Petersburg that are likely to recruit convicts. Simply scroll down to view all of them, or click on the business name to get straight to their area. 

Duke Power

Network for Home Shopping


Italian Market Mazzaro

The New York Times

Distributors from Great Bay


The Produce Market

Chevrolet Maher

Historical Restoration in All Trades

You’ll need to prepare your resume in advance of your job hunt. If you already have a résumé, look through it to make sure it’s up to date and nicely written. Use our advice on writing a resume for individuals with a criminal record to feel confident about how your CV appears.

Duke Power

Duke Power Florida (formerly Florida Power) provides the generation, transmission, and distribution of power over much of central and north Florida. Their service area covers approximately 13,000 square miles and supplies electric service to approximately 1.8 million residential, commercial and industrial customers in the Florida area.

Former felons may be interested in the following positions:

  • Analyst, Help Desk
  • Line Technologist
  • Grid Technology
  • System Administration
  • Laborer

Network for Home Shopping

Like shopping? Like TV? Then you may want to work for a local company that mixes both. The Network for Home Shopping (HSN) is a free-to-air television network owned by the Qurate Retail Group. Based in St. Petersburg, HSN also has similar channels in several other countries.

Former criminals might consider the following options:

  • Buyer
  • Merchandising
  • Specialist in Customer Support
  • Kitchen Equipment
  • Painter


Jabil Inc., headquartered in St. Petersburg, is a global manufacturing services corporation that is one of the biggest in the Tampa Bay region. They employ almost 260,000 people in roughly 100 factories across 30 countries. Healthcare, life sciences, clean technology, instrumentation, military, aerospace, automotive, computers, storage, consumer goods, networking, and telecommunications are just a few of Jabil’s sectors.

Former felons may be interested in the following positions:

  • Assembly worker
  • Quality Control Technician
  • Operator of Machines
  • Assembler (Mechanical)
  • Handler of Materials

Italian Market Mazzaro

If you are into food and cooking, then you may want to check out the Italian Market Mazzaro (also Mazzaro’s Italian Market). It is an Italian cuisine fine food market based in St. Petersburg. Mazzaro hosts wine tastings and book signings and is known for its cheeses, olives, deli sandwiches, bakery items, handmade pastas, and pre-made dishes. It is a major tourist attraction in the area.

Job opportunities for ex-offenders:

  • Baker
  • Decorator of cakes
  • Customer Support 
  • Dishwasher / Cleaning
  • Cook

The New York Times

The New York Times Company is a newspaper and magazine publisher that produces the Tampa Bay Times (formerly the St. Petersburg Times), a daily newspaper serving the Tampa Bay area. They also publish the business magazine Florida Trend. The New York Times Company is headquartered in St. Petersburg and is owned by the Poynter Institute, a nonprofit journalism school in St. Petersburg.

Former felons may be interested in the following positions:

  • Representative of Customer Service
  • Assistants in the Field
  • Delivery
  • Maintenance
  • Advertising

Distributors from Great Bay

Distributors from Great Bay is a medium-sized manufacturing company with an annual revenue of $171.3 million and over 500 employees. They have been around for a long time, since 1967, and are based in St. Petersburg. They have a variety of roles and jobs.

Former felons may be interested in the following positions:

  • Customer Service Representative
  • Warehouse Order Generator
  • Merchandiser
  • Cleaner for Draft Lines
  • Stocker


Goodwill-Suncoast is the headquarters for Goodwill in Florida and the Tampa Bay region, including shops, donation sites, community programs, events, and offers. Goodwill Industries-Suncoast is a medium-sized charity with about 270 workers and $61.3 million in yearly income. “To assist individuals attain their full potential through the dignity and power of employment,” they say.

Former criminals may look forward to promising entry-level jobs:

  • Cashier
  • Store Manager
  • Cook
  • Accounting Assistant
  • Van Owner

The Produce Market

The Produce Market, Inc. is a grocery store chain with a European market style layout and focus on having a variety of organic and healthy options. From one of their job listings, “Our mission is to make everyday eating extraordinary for our guests. We create a warm, welcoming, memorable experience with exceptional, personal service.” They often have many good entry-level opportunities.

Some intriguing jobs and positions include:

  • Cashier
  • Team Deli/Bakery
  • Grocery
  • Manager of Guest Services Assistant

Chevrolet Maher

If you are into cars, then Chevrolet Maher is a large Chevrolet automotive dealership in St. Petersburg that you should check out. They cover St. Petersburg, Clearwater, and the greater Tampa Bay area. Chevrolet Maher has about 200 employees and an annual revenue of $71.8 million.

Former felons may be interested in the following positions:

  • Apprenticeship in Automotive
  • Driver for Parts Delivery
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Vehicle Body Technician
  • Representative of Sales

Historical Restoration in All Trades

Do you like history, old buildings, and restoring things? Then Historical Restoration in All Trades would be a good place for you to take a look at. They are a General Contracting company that specializes in historic building assessments, consultations, and preservations. Historical Restoration in All Trades’s Construction teams work alongside architects, engineers, and preservation offices to complete various projects.

Former criminals may look forward to these positions and jobs:

  • Painter
  • Laborer
  • Carpenter
  • Assistant in Administration
  • Construction

Felony trucking jobs in St. Petersburg

If you like driving and want to earn money while doing so, truck driving is a great option! The trucking business is constantly on the lookout for new drivers, and it has a long history of recruiting individuals with criminal records. New drivers have a lot of chances in this in-demand industry since many organizations provide free training and help to new workers.

If you’re looking for Felony trucking jobs in St. Petersburg, here are some companies to check out:

  • Freight King Transportation LLC is a company that provides transportation services.
  • LLC RoseMark Logistics
  • FreightCenter
  • Corporation Carroll Fulmer Logistics
  • Auto Transport Wizard of St. Petersburg, Inc.

Felony warehouse jobs in St. Petersburg

Warehouses are great locations to seek for work, particularly if you like organizing and moving items around. Warehouses are generally constantly recruiting and have a large number of employment openings. Warehouse occupations are not limited to warehouse firms; any company with a shipping or warehouse department will have comparable positions.

Here are some of the top Felony warehouse jobs in St. Petersburg:

  • Logistics XPO (Home Delivery)
  • Express Averitt
  • Smart Move Moving & Storage, Inc.
  • City-Wide Self Storage & Commercial Services
  • Transport Services by J.B. Hunt, Inc.

Felony temp agency jobs in St. Petersburg

Newly justice-involved people often need to find a job fast. If you find yourself in this position, then you should enlist one or more Staffing agencies. They are an excellent place to find a job quickly, they always have jobs available, and can hook you up with Felony temp agency jobs in St. Petersburg.

Here are some of the greatest agencies in the region for justice-involved people:

  • St. Petersburg’s One Source Staffing and Labor
  • Express Employment Specialists
  • Connection to Work
  • Aerotek
  • TRC Personnel Services

In St. Petersburg, there are second chances and employment training programs for convicts.

There are Ban the Box statutes in a number of Florida localities, but there is no statewide regulation. Clearwater, Daytona Beach, Gainesville, Jacksonville, Miami-Dade County, Pompano Beach, Orlando, Tampa, and Tallahassee are all among them.

If you are having a tough time and in need of some assistance beyond just finding a job, then you should investigate In St. Petersburg, there are second chances and employment training programs for convicts. and Florida. These programs will help you in a variety of areas to assist you with managing your everyday life.

Former criminals in St. Petersburg may use the following resources:

The “jobs that hire felons” is a job board for those who have been convicted of felony offenses. The jobs are usually in the field of construction, customer service, and retail.

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  • second chance jobs for felons near me
  • felony friendly jobs
  • does amazon hire felons
  • where is st petersburg florida
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