This article lists 25 tips for living and saving more money. Many of the tips are unique to this article, but some may be general knowledge or common sense.

“Living on an extreme budget” is a book that gives 25 easy tips for living and saving money. The author, Dave Ramsey, also has a podcast called “The Dave Ramsey Show”. Read more in detail here: living on an extreme budget.

Live Frugally and Save Money (Over 25 Tips To Live and Save More)

Learn How to Live on a Budget and save your money starting today with these over 25 tips from a stay-at-home mom. via @mystayathome

Frugality is living a modest life and saving money regardless of one’s salary. Begin now by learning How to Live on a Budget and save money.

It’s no secret that the economy is suffering. Many individuals are attempting to work while dealing with a pandemic, while others are seeing their wages fall owing to inflation.

It is now more crucial than ever to understand how to conserve money and be thrifty. This blog article will go over some ideas and tactics for living a frugal lifestyle and saving money without having to make too many compromises.

Frugal living written on a note pad with money around.

Why is it more important than ever to live frugally and save money?

Frugality, for one, may help you keep afloat during difficult economic times. If you’re not accustomed to living on a budget, the present economic situation may serve as a reminder that it’s time to start saving.

Frugal living might also help you achieve your financial objectives faster. If you want to retire early, for example, you’ll need to save as much money as feasible.

Finally, being thrifty might provide you with peace of mind. When you know you’re not spending more than you can afford, it’s simpler to relax and enjoy life.

In 2022, here are three tips to get you started on a frugal lifestyle.

To begin living a thrifty lifestyle, see our top three advice.

How can I begin living a thrifty lifestyle?

Now is the greatest moment to begin living a modest lifestyle. So get started right away, and take it slowly. Here are some pointers to get you started:

1 – Why are you doing this?

The response to this question will be crucial. You see, you must first comprehend why you want to live a thrifty lifestyle. There will be compromises made and items you won’t be able to purchase or utilize that you normally would. As a result, addressing this question will help you stay on track with your thrifty lifestyle.

2- Practice frugal living

Use it, create it, make do with it, or don’t use it at all. During your thrifty path, you will discover that you can be creative at times! To keep costs low, you’ll learn how to fix items. When you’d normally throw something away, learn to extend it.

3- Get started right now!

Now is the time to start making changes! Implement what you can now to create substantial future improvements. Frugality isn’t about how much money you can save right now; it’s about how much money you can save in the future. There is no strategy or research in place. Simply begin living frugally now.

Let’s go on now that we’ve established that.

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How to Live on a Budget

As previously said, you must ask yourself why you wish to live frugally. However, you must first understand what it means to be thrifty, since meanings differ depending on who you ask.

Being frugal, in my opinion, is being in charge of your money, your family’s living situation, and not allowing money to dominate you. It is entirely up to you to be frugal, or to live as frugal as possible. Your family and you decide how frugal you wish to be.

Frugality is a way of life, not a competition. It is defined and lived differently by each person. So, first and foremost, you must decide how frugal you want to live, which will take time; the problem will be accepting and adapting to the new modest lifestyle you have established for yourself and your family.

Leaving space to adjust to today’s economic developments will, of course, have an impact on your frugal living, but it’s how you react to these crucial changes that matters.

Let’s keep talking about the greatest frugal living suggestions we can find, shall we?

Young couple communicating.


When it comes to maintaining a thrifty lifestyle, communication is crucial! When a result, it’s critical to discuss how this raise will effect you as your income rises.

This is how it went down for us. We forgot to disclose our additional revenue when it occurred. We all had different notions about what it meant to be economical and how we should spend the extra cash.

We ultimately decided on what frugal living meant to us and how we would spend the extra money after considerable debate (and some disagreement).

It’s important to discuss money with your spouse if you’re in a relationship. In terms of money, you must be on the same page.

Failure to communicate can only result in misunderstandings and financial strain. As a result, make sure you discuss money often and agree on how you’ll live frugally.

You’re a weirdo.

I’ve stated it before, and in your thrifty life, you have to take the “I don’t give a damn” mentality. You must accept your strangeness.

What exactly do I mean?

During your thrifty path, you will begin to do things that others consider strange. You’ll begin to alter your lifestyle and financial habits. And others will evaluate you as a result.

That is something you must accept.

Don’t allow other people’s judgments of you prevent you from living the modest lifestyle you choose. It is their issue, not yours, if they do not comprehend your choice to live frugally.

So be proud of your frugal decisions and embrace your inner freak!

Be Open

Always be transparent with your money, which goes hand in hand with communication. It would be beneficial if you were completely honest about your financial condition, both good and negative.

Being transparent about your money can help you keep on track and responsible. It will also assist you in avoiding making rash financial choices.

It might be awkward at first if you’re not accustomed to talking about money. However, the more you do it, the less difficult it will become.

Begin by discussing your money with your spouse. Then you may start telling your close friends and family about your financial objectives and accomplishments.

You may eventually want to share your frugal journey with the world through social media or a blog or podcast. But the choice is entirely yours! Hey, this may be the start of a side business or perhaps a career move.


Always trust your instincts. If something doesn’t seem right, it probably is for major and minor financial choices. Take a step back and listen to your intuition if you’re ever hesitant about a buy.

More often than not, it will advise you to save your money and walk away from the transaction.

Of course, there may be occasions when you make a purchase and it fails to meet your expectations. That’s fine! We all make errors. Simply take what you’ve learned from them and move on.

Listening to your instincts, on the other hand, can help you remain on track with your financial objectives.

Happy couple saving money.


When pursuing any goal, having a support system is essential, and this is particularly true when living a modest lifestyle.

Family, friends, or even a group of like-minded people might be part of your support system. These folks will support and inspire you as you embark on your thrifty adventure.

When it comes to adhering to a budget or changing your spending habits, having a support system is crucial. They’ll keep you on track and accountable.

So, if you’re serious about living frugally, make sure you’re surrounded by individuals who will support you!

Know When to Say No

One of the most essential things you can do on your thrifty path is to learn to say no.

You must be ready to say no to impulsive purchases, costly evenings out, and anything else that isn’t in line with your financial objectives.

It’s difficult to say no, but it’s necessary if you want to save money. Every time you say no to a purchase, you’re one step closer to achieving your financial objectives.

So, the next time you’re tempted to go shopping or go out to spend money because you’re bored, simply say no! In the long run, it’s not worth it.

Take pleasure in the journey.

Saving money and living frugally might be difficult at first. It is, however, a lot of fun!

Sure, you’ll feel like you’re sacrificing and losing out on things at times. But that’s just the beginning of the adventure.

Remember to enjoy the process while concentrating on your long-term objectives. The more money you put aside now, the better off you’ll be afterwards.

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How to Save Money When You’re Living on a Budget

Now that you know How to Live on a Budget, let’s talk about saving money. Here are tips and tricks to help you save money while living frugally:

Make a financial plan.

There is no such thing as a thrifty existence without a budget! So start by making a budget, a spending plan that will help you track your expenditures.

My friends, a budget is a plan for your finances, and it’s the first thing you should do if you want to live frugally and save money.

If you’re not sure where to begin, use my free budget template. It will assist you in getting started on the correct path!

Before you go shopping, make a list.

Making a list before going shopping is one of the most effective strategies to save money. And doing so will assist you in sticking to your budget and just purchasing what you need.

I prefer to write lists on my phone and have them with me at all times when I go shopping. I’ll be able to prevent impulsive purchases and stick to my budget this way.


Make a food plan.

Another great way to save money is to Make a food plan. because it will help you save money on groceries and eating out.

On Sundays, I prefer to meal plan. First, I sit down and plan out all of our meals for the next week. After that, I write a shopping list and go to the supermarket.

It may take a little more effort up front to plan your meals, but it will save you money in the long term.

Plus, it eliminates the guessing from every night’s meal!

Prepare meals at home

Cooking at home is another method to save money and live frugally. Cooking at home is both cheaper and healthier than dining out! It’s also a fantastic way to spend quality time with family and friends.

If you don’t know how to cook, there are several resources available to assist you. Begin with a basic recipe and go from there.

Cooking at home can amaze you at how much money you can save.


Keep your dining out to a minimum.

If you want to save money, you need to Keep your dining out to a minimum.. However, this doesn’t mean you have to give up restaurants altogether.

However, it would be beneficial if you just ate out on exceptional occasions or while traveling. Eating out may be costly, so reserve it for a special occasion.

There are a few things you can do to save money at restaurants. To begin, check for coupons or special offers.

You may also save money by eating at a less expensive restaurant or ordering from the appetizer menu.

Whenever possible, try to Prepare meals at home and Keep your dining out to a minimum.. It will save you money in the long run!

Purchase in large quantities.

Buying in bulk, particularly for products you use often, such as toilet paper or laundry detergent, is one of the most efficient methods to save money.

Purchasing in bulk might help you save money. However, it would be beneficial if you were cautious not to overspend. Rather, simply purchase what you need and utilize it within an acceptable time frame.

Otherwise, you’re squandering your money!

Happy couple shopping online.

Look around.

Price comparison shoppers will save money. It requires comparing prices from different businesses or even different websites.

To obtain the greatest bargain, you may also utilize coupons or discount codes. When buying, always careful to compare both the price and the quality of the item.

If you’re doing your shopping online, Capital One Shopping is a free service that will automatically use coupon coupons at checkout to get you the greatest deal.

It’s also crucial to check reviews before making a purchase since this will prevent you from purchasing anything that isn’t worth your money.

Never pay full price for anything.

One of the most efficient ways to save money is to never pay full price for anything. This does not imply that you must be a scrooge, but it does imply that you use your money wisely.

This may be accomplished in a number of ways. First, wait for products to go on sale, which is particularly true for large-ticket items such as televisions and refrigerators.

You may also earn savings on your purchase by using coupons or promo codes. Finally, you may subscribe to your favorite shops’ email newsletters.

You’ll be the first to hear about discounts and specials this way.


Make use of coupons.

Coupons are an excellent method to save money and are especially true for groceries, but you can Make use of coupons. for almost anything.

Coupons may be found in the Sunday paper, online, or on your smartphone. is one of a few websites that specializes on coupons.

When it comes to coupons, always read the tiny print. Some coupons, for example, include limitations such as expiry dates or minimum purchase quantities.

Coupons, on the other hand, may be a terrific method to save money if used carefully.

You may download the following applications to make money:

Set aside whatever additional cash you have to assist you in saving. Put money into savings whenever you earn a raise or a bonus at work.

This includes money earned from selling stuff or money earned during a yard sale. You’ll have a buffer for unforeseen costs this way.

Take your lunch with you.

One of the most cost-effective strategies to save money is to bring your own lunch. There are, however, a few things you must do in order for this to work.

To begin, make a plan. Make sure you have everything you’ll need for your meal.

You can also make extra food at dinner, so you have leftovers for lunch the next day. Finally, be sure to Take your lunch with you. the night before, so you’re not rushed in the morning.

Packing your lunch requires some work, but it is well worth it in the long run.

Keep track of what’s in your pantry.

Keeping a food inventory is another strategy to save money while living frugally. You’ll be able to see what you have on hand and avoid purchasing duplicates this way.

Make a list or snap a photo of everything in your pantry. In any case, make sure your inventory is correct by updating it on a regular basis.


Make your own coffee at home.

One of the most cost-effective ways to save money is to make your own coffee.

You’ll just need a coffee machine and some ground coffee to get started. Pre-packaged coffee pods are also available, making things even simpler.

Adding up the cost of that coffee you buy every morning on your way to work will surprise you. So why not Make your own coffee at home. at home and take it to work instead? You will save a lot of money this year by doing this.

Purchase appliances that are Energy Star certified.

Energy-saving appliances not only help you save money on your utility bills, but they also assist the environment.

Look for the Energy Star designation when purchasing new appliances. This indicates that the appliance has been verified by the EPA to consume less energy than comparable models.

From refrigerators to dishwashers, Energy Star appliances are available in practically every category. If you’re looking for a new appliance, be sure to seek for the Energy Star label.

Hold a garage sale.

A yard sale is a terrific way to organize your house while also earning some additional cash. Money earned from a yard sale may be kept or used toward your economical goals.

Make sure to promote ahead of time and price your products appropriately to have a successful yard sale. You might also do a bake sale or a car wash to get more funds.

So, if you’re searching for a means to declutter while also saving money, a yard sale is an excellent choice.

During the winter, insulate your house.

Ensure that your house is properly insulated throughout the winter. Installing weather stripping around your doors and windows is one of the most effective methods. This will assist in keeping the heat inside and the cold outside.

You may also insulate your house by installing attic insulation, which will help keep it warm in the winter and cool in the summer. So, if you want to save money on your energy costs, make sure your house is well-insulated.

unplugged mixer

Unplug and turn off your appliances.

Want to save more money? Unplug and turn off your appliances. when you’re not using them.

Things like your coffee machine, toaster, and television fall under this category. Even when they are switched off, they use energy.

So, to save money on your electric bill, be sure to Unplug and turn off your appliances. when you’re not using them.

Swagbucks may be used to earn free gift cards.

Start earning Swagbucks now so you can score big on free gift cards later in the year! Swagbucks is a website and app that rewards you with SB for doing basic things like as surveys, viewing videos, and surfing the web.

These points may be exchanged for gift cards at places like Amazon, Walmart, Target, and Starbucks. So, if you want to save money this year, start using Swagbucks right now.

Choose the best cellphone plan for you.

Make sure you choose the proper mobile plan if you want to save money on your cell phone bill.

There are a lot of good alternatives out there, so do your homework and select the one that best suits your requirements. Switching to a different provider may potentially qualify you for a discount.

We advise you to:

Change your insurance provider

By switching insurance companies, you could save hundreds of dollars a year. So, if you’re looking to save money on your car insurance, make sure to Change your insurance provider companies every two years.

Last Thoughts

Frugal living does not have to be difficult. You may save money without making major lifestyle changes if you follow these suggestions.

What are some of your favorite money-saving tips? Please share them in the comments section below! Also, please share this information if you find it useful.

The “daily frugal living” is a book that contains 25 tips to live and save more. The author, John Lee Dumas, has been featured on the top 100 list of most influential people in the world.

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