This is a monthly income report of my net worth as of February 2019. I started this blog back in March 2018 to track the progress and steps needed to become financially independent, so you can see exactly how much money I made each month. There’s also an infographic at the bottom that shows all earnings over time for better visualization purposes.,

Q1 2022 Income Report: How Swift Salary Made $12,182.12

Welcome to Swift Salary’s first quarterly revenue report for the year 2022. I’ll break out my income, spending, objectives, highlights, and more in the sections below.

Leave a comment if you have any queries regarding anything.

Go here to view my previous revenue reports (dating back to my first year of blogging).

Highlights from the fourth quarter of 2021

New Articles on the Blog

This quarter, I only published one blog post. I was working on the platform project at the time…

Launch of the Platform Project

This quarter, I’m very thrilled to have launched the first platform page. Take a look: Overview, Reviews, and Statistics for the Fiverr Platform

While these pages seem to be basic, there has been a lot of work put into them. Let’s look at some of the aspects and how I came up with them…

Sections ‘About’ and ‘Header’

Fiverr platform page header section

It’s all really straightforward. The platform’s logo, as well as our overall editorial review rating and an aggregate user rating based on the user reviews we’ve received thus far, may be found here.

Below that, you’ll discover all the essential information regarding a platform:

  • What it entails
  • It is managed by a corporation.
  • Who will gain from the platform’s use?
  • In order to join, you must meet the following requirements.
  • The platform’s operation
  • Additional information (such as potential possibilities, payment alternatives, commissions/fees, and so on).

Section of Photographs

Fiverr images platform page section

This section displays some of the platform’s photos. You may magnify a picture by clicking on it.

I created this using the Content Views Pro plugin (highly recommend).

Summary of the Editorial Review Section

Incomplete editorial review summary preview

An extract from an editorial review that has been produced and published on a platform (such as this GG2U review) will be included here. We don’t have one for Fiverr right now.

Section of Statistics

Fiverr platform page statistics preview

This section of the website is rather interesting. Here you’ll discover general platform information (such as worldwide site rank, monthly visits, and so on) as well as seller/earner statistics (e.g. avg. earnings based on reviewer data, avg. time to first payout based on reviewer data).

With a site like Fiverr, I’d want to eventually provide Buyer statistics depending on the feedback we get. Fortunately, since Fiverr is a publicly traded firm, I was able to get some buyer data from their website for the time being.

Sections on Reviews

Before we get into the reviews, here are some extra statistics:

Fiverr seller review data

Here you’ll find average scores for various categories, an overall rating breakdown, the reviewer recommendation percentage (complete with an emoji that changes depending on the percentage value), and a breakdown of who the reviewers are, including their total earnings, age ranges, and time on the platform.

(As a side note, making those pie charts wasn’t simple.) I tried a variety of options. I ultimately came across a CSS solution that I used with a custom shortcode to show the charts using data from a custom field.)

After that, you may browse the genuine customer reviews. Here’s a sneak peek at one:


As you can see, the reviews include more than simply a rating and a few lines of commentary. You’ll be able to see things like: In each review, you’ll be able to see things like:

  • What country is the reviewer from?
  • How long did they stay on the platform?
  • Whether they’ve provided a LinkedIn or Reddit account that’s been confirmed
  • Whether or not their platform profile has been confirmed
  • Their advantages and disadvantages
  • They’ve given advice on how to succeed on the platform.

There are dedicated sites where you may read the remainder of the reviews, and the platform summary pages offer up to 5 reviews from each user category (e.g. sellers, buyers, etc.).

Check out all of our Fiverr Seller Reviews, for example.

The most popular advantages, drawbacks, and advice given by reviewers are also summarized on these dedicated review sites.

To show and save reviews, I’m using the Site Reviews plugin. It’s an excellent plugin.

The Purpose of These Pages

  1. A more pleasant user experience. I began writing in-depth evaluations and launched the Hustle Finder to assist individuals identify platforms that allow them to earn or save money. It functioned, but it wasn’t ideal. The reviews were quite extensive and perhaps difficult to read (not ideal for providing a fast introduction to readers), importing and presenting reviews was challenging, and the Hustle Finder didn’t have all of the parameters I needed.
  2. Scaling is a lot easier now. Scaling was challenging due to the length of the editorial reviews and the material necessary (for each review, I had to recruit someone who has used the site and made money with it). Scaling the platform pages should be easy, allowing us to publish more sites in less time.
  3. Create a genuine brand. Writing blog entries is an excellent strategy to increase traffic and income to your website. That’s something I’m not going to quit doing. However, I believe that with this platform project, I have the ability to produce a product that will keep visitors returning to the site. Rather than simply being a content site, I’m hoping that this will assist to strengthen my brand and reduce my dependency on SEO traffic (by encouraging more direct visitors).

CTA on the home page has been updated, as well as the site navigation.

This quarter, I made a few minor changes to the site’s logo and navigation. Take a look at this:

Swift Salary navigation update

I aligned the header navigation and made it match the header image’s background color, as you can see. This seems to be a better option. However, it might still require some work (I’m thinking about making the “Swift Salary” banner graphic a little smaller at some point).

Here’s the latest CTA on the homepage:

Swift Salary homepage CTA update

The goal was to (once again) make things appear better while also describing WHAT Swift Salary is and WHY it exists to a possible reader who stumbled across this website.

Then, ideally, it’ll direct them to my Start Here page, where they’ll discover all of my finest material.

Q1 2022 Blog Income and Expenses

All earnings and expenditures are kept in Canadian dollars. My earnings are based on money that has really arrived in my bank account (aka cash basis accounting).

Revenue Breakdown: Gross Revenue: $12,182.12

Swift Salary quarterly revenue from inception to present

Gross revenue is down for the second quarter in a row compared to the prior quarter. That makes me sad to see it, but I’m not too concerned. I foresee another possible drop next quarter, but I believe we’ll begin to recover in Q3/Q4 of this year.

Why? We’ll have more platform pages up by then, and ideally, traffic will be flowing to them. This should aid the recovery of ad and affiliate earnings.

Plus, after I’ve figured out how to effectively scale the platform project with freelancers, I’ll be able to devote more time to other material.

Revenue Breakdown by Month

Swift Salary month by month revenue for Q1 of 2022

  • $3,446.39 in January
  • $4,146.91 in February
  • $4,588.82 in March

Summary of Revenue Sources

  • Earnings from affiliates ($13,372.82):
    • $413.18 Impact Radius
    • $462.68 MaxBounty
  • $5,960.16 in advertising:
    • $5,876.76 Mediavine
    • is worth $83.40. (leftover balance from ages ago was finally paid out)

Breakdown of Expenses: $676.16 Spent

Expenses to be aware of include:

  • $154.56 for Zoho Books (Accounting Software).
  • $53.78 in bank fees and charges
  • $119.63 for freelance writers
  • $50.07 for GSuite
  • $58.86 for WP Review Pro (Plugin).
  • $130.25 for Site Reviews Premium (Plugin with Addons).
  • $75.49 for Pretty Links (Plugin).
  • $33.52 Slack


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* $11,461.61 in total net profit

The following is a breakdown of the traffic: 273,804 pageviews.

Swift Salary Q1 2022 traffic report

Looking at these traffic reports is beginning to make my eyes ache. In Q4 of 2021, I predicted that traffic would grow in the new year… and that didn’t work out.

For the second quarter in a row, pageviews have decreased. Ouch.

The reason for the ongoing reduction seems to be that 1) the phrases I was ranking for have been taken up by better authority sites / Google is being unfair, and 2) I’m not creating enough fresh material.

Traffic Graphs by Quarter (Since Inception)

Swift Salary quarterly pageviews from Q1 2018 to Q1 2022

We’re nearly returning to the traffic levels of Q2 2020. Although disheartening, I am optimistic that I will be able to turn things around.

Active Email Subscribers: 6,069

Swift Salary quarterly email subscribers from Q1 2018 to Q1 2022

Started with 6,069 subscribers in December 2021 and concluded with 6,443 in March 2022. That’s a rise of 6.16 percent.

At the present, growth is modest and steady. I’d want to ramp things up, but my site traffic is directly proportional to the amount of subscribers I get, so I’ll have to work on that.

Also, I just launched a re-engagement effort, so I’ll probably notice a brief drop in subscribers while I filter out the inactive ones.

Saturday Quickie Newsletter

The Saturday Quickie Newsletter is a weekly newsletter sent out (you guessed it) every Saturday. It’s full of interesting financial content from Swift Salary and the world wide web.


  • Money-saving ideas
  • Opportunities for employment
  • Business concepts and tales
  • Money-management suggestions
  • Investing possibilities
  • Updates on the stock market; and more.

You may join up here if you’re interested. You have the option to unsubscribe at any time.

Statistics from the Newsletter

The average open rate for the newsletter this quarter was 16.04 percent. That’s a smidgeon better than the 15.24% average from the previous quarter.

This quarter, I revamped the newsletter opt-in page to include some historical issues for prospective subscribers. I also included an opt-in box in some of the site’s blog postings, which has resulted in the addition of 50 new subscribers.

Note that I use MailerLite for my email service.

Goals to be followed up on in the first quarter of 2022

Okay, so I totally forgot to do the 2021 annual report. This was primarily due to the fact that 1.) I’ve been spending a lot of time on the site and 2.) I didn’t think the annual report was required. I didn’t want to duplicate a lot of information that was previously in the quarterly reports.

So, just quarterly reports from now on!

That implies I didn’t share my objectives for the first quarter of 2022 with the public. As a result, I’m going to reveal them right now.

Big Objectives for 2022

Here are the five key goals I set for Swift Salary at the beginning of the year:

  • I’ll have to spend less time on it (i.e. be able to take more time off without feeling like everything will come crumbling down)
  • Outsourcing is becoming more popular (to support the above goal)
  • more information (to increase revenue and email subscribers)
  • Users will benefit from improved site organization (to increase repeat users and page views per user)
  • Better email marketing campaigns (to expand my mailing list and increase quality of subscribers)

Main Objective for the First Quarter

In the first quarter, my main aim for Swift Salary was to simply start the new platform project (breakdown above).

That’s what I accomplished with the Fiverr Platform Overview, Reviews, and Statistics page.

I’d want to have platform pages for hundreds of different platforms in the future.

I’d want to have a page dedicated to it if it helps you earn money, save money, invest money, or enhance your finances in any other manner.

I now have over 900 user reviews over almost 300 platforms, so I have a lot more information to provide, and I’m really looking forward to it.

This endeavor is also a massive SEO play. Not only will each platform have a primary overview page (such as the Fiverr one listed above), but they will also branch out into additional pages:

  • Seller Reviews on Fiverr (reviews from users earning money with the platform)
  • Buyer Reviews on Fiverr (reviews from users using the platform to outsource work, advertise, etc.)
  • Alternatives to Fiverr (similar platforms that users might like)
  • Review of Fiverr (an editorial review diving deep into the platform with in-depth research)

Each platform will have at least three pages linked with it using this style of architecture. That implies there may be 300+ pieces of content on the site if there are 100 platforms.

I don’t know how highly they will rank in Google just yet, but I’ll find out next quarter. They should, in my opinion, score highly since they provide a decent user experience, but we’ll see.

Goals for the first quarter of 2022

I’m placing a lot of faith in this platform project, thus all of my Q2 objectives will revolve on it. They are as follows:

  • Launch 100 new platform pages in the second quarter of 2022 – there are 91 days in total. That implies I’ll have to work my way up to publishing many platform pages every day in the future.
  • Complete the platform discovery page to sort and filter through all of the platforms for which we produce pages. It’s similar to the Hustle Finder, but better.
  • Activate the archive of opportunities – Each platform will have its own set of possibilities (e.g. paid surveys, writing, copywriting, logo design, etc.). I’m attempting to collect things so that you can explore all of the options in one location and locate associated platforms, tips, and success stories.

I’d want to go over some old blog entries and update and optimize them as a side objective, but I’m not sure whether I’ll get around to it.

I’d also want to get some fresh regular blog stuff out, but with all the effort that goes into each platform page, I’m not sure I’ll be able to do so.

That said, I’m hoping to get things relatively systemized and automated by the end of the quarter so that the platform project can function more independently.

Last Thoughts

I hope you found this income report to be interesting and informative. In these reports, I always find it beneficial to reflect on the past, and I strongly advise you to do the same for your own company.

In relation to:

Do you want to establish your own money-making blog? Sign up for my free Blogging for Beginners course or read my guide on how to start a blog.

I cover the technical aspects of blogging, as well as how to choose a topic/niche for your blog, how to come up with content ideas, how to attract readers, and, most significantly, how to earn money blogging, in both materials.

  • Do you have any queries concerning the blog income report for this quarter? Leave a comment in the box below!

How I made $12,182.12 blogging in Q1 of 2022

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