The app revolution is reshaping the way we work, but it’s also giving rise to a new form of employment: making money with an odd jobs app. These apps are designed to help you find and complete tasks for cash on your phone or computer- all from your couch! This guide will walk you through how they work, what types of jobs there are, and where you can get started.

The “taskrabbit” is a website that connects people with odd jobs. The app allows users to create a profile, and then browse through the available tasks in their area. There are no fees for using this app, but there are many ways to make money from it.

Is “Odd Jobs Near Me” a term that comes to mind? Start earning money now with an odd jobs app! 

New requirements need modern solutions. If you’re seeking for a fast cash, your first step should be to download an odd jobs app!

Have you heard of the yellow pages before? That’s the book I used to look for odd jobs when I was younger. That is no longer the case!

To those of you who just put down your pacifier last week, we didn’t have the comfort of searching for odd jobs online or having a few of odd jobs apps a few decades back. We had to search up classified advertising or call firms using information from a phone book.

That’s how I survived in my early adolescent years while I was looking for summer side jobs around me. Back then, odd jobs around me paid for a lot of footwear. Thankfully, the days of a tiny employment app being a pipe dream are over!

Allow me to present you to some internet tools for finding odd jobs, especially in the form of an odd jobs app, now that I’ve aged horrifically in your mind. Actually, I’m going to provide you sixty-one tried-and-true strategies to start your side business!

Odd Jobs Apps Pin - Lady with Laptop

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Let’s face it: if you’re a hustler once, you’re a hustler forever. The game just progresses! I’ve always believed in having as many sources of income as possible. Now I can put the additional money towards trips or other high-ticket items like food and petrol.

We may simply make additional money in style and from the comfort of our own homes thanks to contemporary technology. As long as you have your smart gadget, you can convert any scenario into a money producer. With some cash in your pocket, you can take your work commutes to the next level.

There’s also an odd jobs app for those who like going out and working with their hands. Whatever your interests are, we have something for you!

Do you have a habit of spending a lot of time in the bathroom? There’s no shame in confessing that you doodle on the dunny with your phone; allegedly, the majority of people do. By bringing an odd jobs app with you, you can turn your number twos into your number one money generator! (hehehe!)

Simply said, there are just too many odd jobs apps to pass up on some quick extra income. In some circumstances, it’s free money for little to no work! Furthermore, some of them are so excellent that they may serve as your primary source of income.  


The Ultimate Guide to Finding Side Jobs and Odd Jobs Online – Making Money with an Odd Jobs App

I’ll divide them into three categories for your convenience and to help you find the precise small jobs app you’re looking for:

1. Online odd jobs that are integrated into the odd jobs app

2. A single odd jobs app with skilled odd jobs online and various odd jobs near me

3. App for specialty industries and their odd occupations


How can I locate odd jobs?

An odd jobs app is the most convenient method to locate odd jobs and side jobs in your area.

This article discusses and categorizes a variety of possibilities to help you discover the greatest match for your requirements. Several of them, in fact, may be utilized to generate a large full-time or part-time income. 


Simple online odd tasks that are integrated into the odd jobs app

You may go to one of these apps to locate paid assignments inside the app itself if you have the need to type “strange jobs near me” into your browser but don’t feel like getting dressed. You don’t need to put on clothes or leave your current place; all you need is your smartphone.

Basically, each odd jobs app has the odd tasks that you must perform online. To earn money, sign up, log in, and follow their instructions. You’d be able to earn money by doing paid surveys, watching videos, or listening to music.

Unfortunately, since they don’t immediately fit under the small jobs app category, these applications are often misunderstood and disregarded. When you think about it, they very surely are!

They offer a one-stop shop for a variety of really simple money-making options. When it comes to odd jobs online, the duties are as simple as they come.

In fact, when I’m searching for local side employment to supplement my income, these are the first places I go. I’m really arranging a family vacation to Disney World next year entirely on the backs of these sites’ profits.

Yes, this is a genuine money-making opportunity! That’s why I placed these weird employment opportunities up there on purpose! They are the most undervalued, misunderstood, and underused option for odd jobs around me!

You may not always be able to get a work particularly in your field of expertise utilizing a small jobs app if you’re a plumber or a delivery driver. However, if you choose any of the odd jobs websites mentioned below (with jobs incorporated within the odd jobs app itself), you’ll ALWAYS have work!

To get you started, I’ve selected out the best-paying ones. When you’ve earned enough money, you get to decide!

There are a slew of other websites that may be described as an odd jobs app in the same way. These are just a few of my personal favorites. If you like, you may go to other websites to view paid advertising or look for new online employment.

odd jobs near me - woman with computer


1. I’m a survey addict.

Survey Junkie is a survey reward service that may also be used to find odd jobs. It is not only free to join up, but you will also earn a $10 bonus if you do so.

This would have to be the definition of a little jobs app if there ever was one, since the paid tasks are as basic as they get. You will be rewarded for sharing your thoughts and actions.

Survey Junkie operates by working with hundreds of worldwide businesses who are looking for customer feedback and views. Brands engage Survey Junkie to get public feedback in order to compete in the competitive business sector and satisfy client requests. 

In turn, Survey Junkie publishes paid surveys on their app and website. You get compensated for giving your opinion, making Survey Junkie an odd jobs app / odd jobs website. 

Survey Junkie works with a variety of companies, including food companies, apparel designers, automobile manufacturers, and so forth. Customers’ feedback is used to prioritize items, make adjustments, and introduce new products.

They spend a lot of money to gather this information, and when you use the Survey Junkie odd jobs app, you literally earn a piece of the pie.

When you join up and begin participating, you will be asked simple questions such as your personal experiences with a product and your thoughts on it. Then you’ll be compensated in the form of points that you can exchange for cash! You gain more points the more you engage.

You get paid extra if you get more points! It’s simple money! You may also provide extra information for more awards and cash!

Survey Junkie offers cash, gift cards, and the chance to give to a charity as payment options.

For more information, see these Survey Junkie Hacks!


Swagbucks (#2)

Swagbucks is one of the greatest and most popular odd jobs apps on the market today. They have more than 20 million active members and have paid out more than half a billion dollars to them over the years.

They, like Survey Junkie, have a points-based rewards system where you can earn money by doing paid surveys, watching movies, and playing games.

Swagbucks may also be used to purchase online for cash back and to seek for extra rewards. When you join, they also give you a $10 bonus.

Imagine a website that pays you to be yourself! Are there any odd jobs around me? I’d rather have some easy money in my pocket!

For additional information, read the Swagbucks Review in its entirety.


3. MyPerks

MyPoints is a similar app and website to Swagbucks for odd jobs. In fact, they’re Swagbucks partners and have a large cash back affiliate network to satisfy all of your online purchasing needs.

You may earn money by watching advertisements, doing surveys, reviewing movies, or playing video games. They accept PayPal cash and gift cards as payment. You’ll also benefit from extensive discount offers and freebies.

If you’ve accumulated a large number of gift cards through odd jobs, you may learn how to transfer gift cards to your bank account.

To get started, sign up here for a $10 bonus.


InboxDollars is number four on the list.

When you use InboxDollars’ odd jobs app and website to watch videos, do surveys, and purchase, you’ll get paid with PayPal cash, gift cards, and checks.

This is another another “get paid to” website and small-business tool that puts money in your pocket. It’s real, no-hassle employment that pays well! With their affiliate network, you’ll also be exposed to a slew of additional income opportunities.

When you join their program, you’ll get a $5 welcome incentive!

small jobs app - woman with phone


On a single odd jobs app, you may find skilled odd jobs online and many odd jobs near me.

This is where the thrill of finding your next odd jobs app begins! When you join up for one of these, you may use it to filter and locate a variety of odd employment opportunities online. These positions are provided by third-party firms.

You can even use the standard “strange jobs near me” search on some of them to locate something in your specialized field in a real place.


5. Fiverr

Fiverr is the world’s biggest online marketplace for freelance digital services and other small projects. It’s the ideal odd jobs app for writers, programmers, graphic designers, translators, and voice over artists, or anybody looking to make some extra money in those fields.

All you have to do is sign up for a free account and begin using their services as a tiny jobs app or an odd jobs website, since both are completely functioning. Because the activities vary in difficulty, they are ideal for novices and side hustlers.

As a content writer, for example, if you can write rapidly and produce quality material, you may easily make $25 per hour. As your talents improve, you may branch out into other applications and significantly increase your earnings.

Editors and proofreaders may potentially earn a lot of money doing easy side activities.


TaskRabbit is number six.

If there was ever a term for “odd jobs near me on an odd jobs app,” TaskRabbit is it. It’s a hustler’s paradise in the twenty-first century, with side occupations and people selling their services aplenty!

 You may join up to post open tasks or become a tasker if you are handy around the house, provide delivery services, or specialize in things like moving, hauling, painting, cleaning, laundry, or even organizing.

You may even use TaskRabbit to work as a personal assistant or personal shopper. The wonderful part about this odd jobs website is that you may search for jobs depending on your location.

“TaskRabbit! “Find me some part-time employment in my area!”

Done! (Or anything along those lines.) 

Clients assess taskers on the platform, therefore the higher your ratings, the more money you get. You may also talk to them and bargain with them before taking a job.

What is the TaskRabbit app?

TaskRabbit is a complete odd jobs app that offers a plethora of chances for people to make good money in their free time or even as a full-time income.

They provide a broad range of fast cash tasks and jobs that pay the same day, all in a user-friendly odd jobs app!


7. Angi

Another odd jobs app comparable to TaskRabbit is Angi (previously Angie’s List). They’re a gift for side hustlers, and their tiny jobs app or website are totally functioning.   

Angi specializes in assisting with household tasks such as plumbing, handymen, carpenters, electricity, grass, and roofing, among others. They may even be used for renovations or relocation.

They also collect consumer feedback to ensure that they give the finest service possible at all times.

You only need to join their network of experts to begin earning additional money. You’ll get called for fast cash assignments once you start the ball rolling, and wishing for “strange jobs around me” will be a thing of the past.


8. Zaarly

Similar to Angi, Zaarly is an odd jobs app and website dedicated to finding the proper expert to accomplish different tasks that individuals have around their houses.

They provide a comprehensive range of home maintenance services. Sign up to make some extra money for those “side jobs near me” moments.


Thumbtack (#9)

Thumbtack is an online marketplace for odd jobs. This odd jobs app has you covered no matter what you’re prepared to do to make a buck legally.

To make some money, offer your handyman, moving, lawn mowing, or home cleaning services. Are you looking for a fast buck as a DJ at a party? Take a look at these!


odd jobs online - hands with tools and money


Gigwalk is number ten.

Gigwalk is the quintessential odd jobs app! It’s that easy!

Sign up for a gigwalker account, add your PayPal account, and start taking gigs. Gigs might take a few minutes or a few hours to finish and range in difficulty and price.

You’d be able to explore new sites in your neighborhood, snap photos, answer questions, and even write reviews. The alternatives are there for you to choose from, and it is up to you to accept them or not.

With Gigwalk, you may earn money part-time or full-time. Make it our next tiny jobs app, or use it to get high-paying odd jobs online. It’s all up to you!


11. Handy

Do you like doing chores in or around the house? If you do, give Handy a go! As cleaners, lawn care workers, and handymen, their best employees earn over $1000 a week.

Handy is a fantastic small jobs app that may help you find some good fast cash jobs doing both low-skilled and professional trade chores.


12. MTurk on Amazon

Mechanical Turk, or Amazon MTurk, is a crowdsourcing marketplace where businesses may outsource work that can be completed remotely.

MTurk is a website that offers odd jobs for technological chores that are better suited to people than than machines. This is where you come in with the chance to earn some fast cash by conducting data validation, research, survey taking, and other tasks.

You may browse the available Human Intelligence Tasks (HITs) to locate odd jobs online that interest you after you’ve signed up. Simply complete, submit, wait for approval, and be paid by following the instructions.

With the appropriate advice, you may easily earn over $50 – $100 per day on MTurk.  


How can I locate someone to help me with odd jobs?

You may use a variety of odd jobs applications to advertise your odd jobs. As a result, those who are interested will be able to take the positions.

Some applications also enable you to check out prospective applicants’ ratings before employing them.


Dolores Lab / CrowdFlower / FigureEight 13. Appen (Dolores Lab / CrowdFlower / FigureEight)

Appen is a technology business that uses human expertise to help build new artificial intelligence applications. Due to many acquisitions over the years, they went from Dolores lab to CrowdFlower, then FigureEight, and finally Appen.

They provide full-time and part-time odd jobs online, such as photographing or filming items, recording audio, transcribing text, and so on. You may get started on your next side job by using their odd jobs app or website.


Spare5 14

Spare5 is a crowdsourcing platform that you may use to make money in your free time as a small jobs app. To assist technology businesses with software development, you may undertake basic activities such as annotating photographs or supplying keywords.


FlexJobs are a kind of job that allows you to work from home.

Flexjobs is a full-fledged employment solution, in addition to being an odd jobs app and job search site. They have thousands of job openings ranging from full-time positions to part-time jobs, flexible assignments, and work-at-home options.  

Flexjobs is unquestionably one of the greatest places to go online to locate your next batch of odd jobs, and maybe even be steered to a new career path if you so choose. They also provide a number of online tools to help you prepare for your next job search and interview.

They provide resume writing suggestions, advise on choosing the perfect career, and a complete analysis of how to ace challenging interview questions.


16. Squabble

With Jobble, you can find the most recent and hottest job openings. This job board allows you to look for part-time or full-time work.

Filter by region, work kind, and pay rate to use their services as an odd jobs app or to customise your choices for something more permanent.


17. Gigshift

Prior to July 20, 2021, Shiftgig was an employment website that also had an app. They’ve teamed up with staffing firms to assist you find flexible, permanent, or temporary jobs.

They may no longer be the tiny jobs app, but they may still assist you in finding odd jobs online.


Wonolo (number 18)

Wonolo is the real deal when it comes to odd jobs apps! Sign up for a variety of part-time jobs that are both flexible and rewarding. You may download the Wonolo app and start looking for jobs “anywhere, anytime,” as their tagline suggests.

Warehouse operations, general labor, delivery driving, food preparation, event staffing, cleaning, and administrative and marketing are all examples of side occupations.

Near me, are there any jobs that pay cash on the spot? Wonolo is a fun game to play.


WorkMarket (19.)

WorkMarket is a job-search website that allows you to locate jobs based on your talents, experience, and personal profile. You may utilize their services for regular work or as an odd jobs app that runs on both Android and iOS.


Frequently Asked Questions: How can I get money performing odd jobs?

You can discover what jobs are available by signing up for an odd jobs app or visiting an odd jobs website. There are several alternatives available, and this article covers 61 of the finest. 


Respondent no. 20

Respondent pays you to take part in research interviews, which is a terrific way to get started on some odd jobs online. It’s a great odd jobs website that’s constantly looking for business pros to collaborate with at a time that’s convenient for you.

By participating, software users, sales / support employees, and marketers may make well over $100 – $150 each hour on average. Entrepreneurs and professionals may make between $500 and $700 per hour.  


SolidGigs (number 21)

SolidGigs is a freelancer’s dream come true when it comes to finding odd jobs online. You must join up and pay a modest monthly membership fee before they will connect you with a variety of odd jobs and side employment.

They send out employment notifications to freelance writers, media consultants, management analysts, designers, and administrators, to name a few. Try them out if this is your thing.

SolidGigs is a service that links you to third-party odd jobs on the internet.


PeoplePerHour is number 22.

PeoplePerHour is another option for freelancers seeking for employment via an odd jobs app or website.


side jobs near me - man with laptop


Toptal (number 23)

Another talent agency and network, Toptal, may be used as an odd jobs app or website to locate freelance or professional possibilities in business, design, and technology.


Upwork (number 24)

Upwork is a great software and website for finding freelancing and odd jobs online. You may look for full-time or part-time employment in a variety of fields, ranging from writing to creative professions in art and design, as well as specialized positions in legal affairs, marketing, IT, and engineering.


25. Independent contractor

Are you looking for a diversified odd jobs app to help you with your next odd jobs assignment near me? Try Freelancer for a variety of odd jobs online, from data entry and retyping documents to more complicated projects like affiliate marketing and software and website development.


Behance (#26)

Check out Behance if you’re searching for a strange employment app or website that focuses on creative work for artists, animators, logo and label design, or simply art and design in general.


Dribble is number 27.

Dribble focuses in placing freelance graphic designers and artists with projects all around the world.


Is there an app for part-time jobs?

There are several applications available to help you find your next side job. You may utilize any of the 61 work app choices covered in this post to start earning money right now!


SimplyHired is number 28.

SimplyHired is an odd jobs app, website, and full-fledged recruiting agency that helps people discover part-time work, short jobs, and legitimate career prospects. You may look for work-at-home opportunities or relocate to a different place to pursue your ideal career.

They may also help you with résumé writing, pay expectations, and other topics related to your employability.


Remotasks (ninety-ninth)

Remotasks is a new odd jobs website that enables you to do online activities in exchange for weekly cash payments via PayPal. Entry-level work are offered, and no prior expertise is necessary to participate.

You may start with simple odd jobs online, like as categorizing photographs and transcribing audio, but they also provide free training to help you advance to more sophisticated, higher-paying positions in the technology area.   

Have you ever considered acquiring technical training from an odd jobs website or a purportedly little jobs app in order to work on sophisticated advances with technology companies? That may seem like the beginning of a superhero movie, but it’s true! 


EasyShift (number 30)

The “odd” in the odd jobs app is highlighted by EasyShift! They pay you to buy, dine, visit new areas, take photos, and accomplish very bizarre chores that others are curious about.

The assignments, on the other hand, are straightforward and enjoyable, and you may utilize this program to complete your “jobs that pay same day cash near me” searches.


GigSpot is number 31.

GigSpot is an odd jobs app that connects you with assignments such as mystery shopping and market research collaborations. You have complete control over which paid assignments you accept.

This is an app for minor chores that you should certainly check out!

quick cash gigs near me - woman with phone and shopping bags


Shiftsmart is number 32 on the list.

Shiftsmart is a comprehensive odd jobs software that provides you with a plethora of online and offline odd work possibilities. You may work as a courier, auditor, product tester, warehouse worker, or in-store associate.

Virtual employment such as survey callers, guest service assistants, and international retail auditors are also accessible. Shiftsmart is an excellent place to start if you’re looking for “strange jobs around me.”


Fancy Hands (number 33)

Fancy Hands is a strange employment app that employs you as a virtual assistant. Users of the site would contact one other to offer odd tasks that needed to be performed online.

You then pay for it by completing it as one of your “strange jobs near me” tasks. You can give them a chance if you’re adept with a phone and research.


34. Hyer

Hyer is a job search engine that connects you to open positions. Whatever your requirements are, you will be able to locate a job that meets them. Use them to identify your next major professional move or as a side hustle app for some extra income.


Applicable to specialty sectors and odd occupations

This category contains industry-specific odd jobs available online, which often focus on one sector of employment with multiple closely related job possibilities.

I’ve compiled a list of these applications that the common person may utilize while seeking for a fast buck.


35. Pared

Pared is a website and app that focuses on hospitality job recruiting. Check out their odd jobs app if you’re seeking for full-time, part-time, or temporary employment in the hotel or restaurant business.


What odd occupations can I do for money? FAQ: What odd jobs can I do for money?

There is an odd jobs app for everyone, whether you have a specialized expertise or educational background, or merely possess basic literary abilities.

You may work as a freelance financial expert, graphic designer, or programmer, or just make money in your leisure time by doing market surveys, mowing lawns, delivering items, or running errands.

Everyone has an odd job, and an odd jobs app has it listed and ready for you!


36. Brigadier General

Brigad is another odd jobs app that focuses on finding part-time or full-time employment in the hotel, restaurant, and healthcare industries. is number 37. is a carers’ odd jobs app. Sign up with to receive fantastic side jobs online, whether you do housework, daycare, childcare, elder care, or pet care.


Field Agent No. 38

Have you ever considered becoming a professional shopper? With the Field Agent odd jobs app, you can make shopping your side job!

Purchase items from retail outlets on behalf of others and get compensated!


Shoppers’ Secrets (No. 39)

Mystery shoppers are people who go shopping, attend events, or eat at restaurants in order to evaluate the establishment’s performance. If you’re interested, sign up for Shoppers Confidential.

It’s entertaining, and you get paid for it!


Secret Shopper (number 40)

Secret Shopper is a worldwide software that helps people find odd jobs. Assigning stores, checking instructions, taking images, and participating in surveys are all ways to earn money.

It offers a very flexible side employment; all you need is a smartphone.


99designs is number 41.

Vistaprint’s 99designs is a website that specializes in odd assignments for freelance designers.


odd jobs near me - woman with computer monitors


42. Capable

Looking for a job in manufacturing or warehousing, or a side hustle in logistics? Become a member of Veryable now!


43. Rover

Rover will pay you to play with your pets. Sign up to work as a pet sitter, walker, groomer, or other pet care professional.  


Apps for Gigs in Food Delivery

With a Food Delivery Odd Jobs App, you may shop for food and deliver it to customers.

Instacart is number 44.

45. Favor

DoorDash is number 46.

GrubHub is number 47.

UberEats (ninety-eighth)

GoPuff is number 49.


Apps for Delivery Drivers or Movers

Are you a professional mover or searching for a simple odd job app that will help you earn money in your free time and on your own terms?

Use the following apps and websites to become a mover or transport furniture:

Bellhop No. 50

51. Dolly

52. Lugg


Frequently Asked Questions: How can I earn money the same day?

If you go through our list of 61 of the top apps for odd jobs, I’m certain you’ll discover one or two that provide tasks that pay on the same day and do something you like. 

There are a variety of ways for people to make money by doing easy household duties or neighborhood occupations that will pay you the same day!


Apps for Taxi Services or Drivers

If you want to work as a driver as a side hustle but want to use contemporary technology, try one of the following apps:

53. Uber

54. Lyft


Apps with Bonuses for Unusual Jobs

If you loathe reading, writing, or applying for introvert of the year, or if you’re as handy with tools as a potato, try one of these odd employment apps:


OfferUp (number 55)

Looking for a simple retail job? If you like buying and selling, OfferUp could be a good pick for an odd jobs app.


Carvertise (n.d.)

With Carvertise, you can make money by promoting your automobile. This is a simple software for little chores. All you have to do is consent to have advertisements placed on your vehicle.


Sweatcoin (number 57)

Sweatcoin will pay you for every step you take while you workout.


HealthyWage (n.d.) (n.d.) (n.d

With HealthyWage, you may compete in weight loss contests to earn cash rewards. Make exercise your side hustle! What a win-win situation!


Apps for Odd Jobs: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Of course, no list for anybody seeking for anything would be complete if it didn’t include:

Facebook is number 59.

Instagram is number 60.

Craiglist (number 61)


These are, and have been for a long time, our go-to applications for everything. It’s extremely appropriate to categorize anybody as an odd jobs app.

If you go to any of them and type in “strange jobs around me,” I’m sure you’ll find something to do.


How do you find odd jobs on Craigslist? FAQ: How do you discover odd jobs on Craigslist?

Craigslist is known for posting a wide variety of odd and unusual jobs. For example, massage jobs that pay with drugs rather than cash. Hundreds of respectable side jobs, on the other hand, are listed and available to you.

Simply go to Craigslist, choose your area, and start looking for employment. After that, you might search for an unusual job that fits you.


37 Legitimate High-Paying Online Jobs for Teens

29 Easy Ways to Get Free PayPal Cash Right Now (No Surveys)

There are over 23 game apps that pay you to play games.


Final Thoughts on Using an Odd Jobs App to Find Odd Jobs Near Me

Now that you know the specifics of these legitimate applications and websites, you can start generating money right now. Remember that you may utilize them to pass the time or perhaps earn a full-time income.

All you have to do now is determine what professions you’d want to undertake or what talents you’d like to improve, and you can start earning money right now!

Have you had any good luck with one of these strange employment applications that you’d want to share with us? Do you have any additional applications or websites that you use and would recommend? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below. We’d be delighted to hear from you.

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