Car thefts in the United States have been on a steady decline since 2007, with car theft rates dropping by 62% over that period. This makes it an unusual time for more cars to be stolen than ever before. Here are the most common US cities for car thefts

The “highest car theft cities 2022” are the US cities with the most car thefts. The list includes a total of 20 cities, and is sorted alphabetically by state.

The number of car thefts has increased recently. 2020 was the worst year for auto theft in certain American cities in decades. In 2020, over 880,000 automobiles were stolen nationally, or about one every 36 seconds. Vehicle theft increased by about 90,000 in 2020 compared to 2019, and the pattern only appears to be strengthening. Additionally, there was an increase in carjackings in 2021 in cities including Chicago, New York City, and Washington, D.C.

The substantial surge in car thefts has been attributed by experts at the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) to the pandemic’s economic crisis, job losses, and diminished social and educational services.

Additionally, there’s the problem of “owner complacency,” which is just not protecting your automobile, according to a NICB specialist. According to a January 2021 New York Times article, police have seen an uptick in drivers leaving their key fobs and smart keys in cupholders, which makes it simpler for burglars to get into cars.

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How did we rate the cities?


We determined the top 100 most populous metro statistical areas (MSAs) in the nation using data from the 2020 U.S. Census Bureau. The greatest and worst metro regions for auto theft were then identified using four crucial parameters.

For our ranking, we selected the top 100 metropolitan statistical regions in terms of population in the US. Each MSA received a score between one and one hundred in four separate areas, with the theft rate receiving the most weighting among the categories. The city with the “worst” score for vehicle thefts was also the one with the highest score.

Here are the top cities for auto theft, listed from best to worst.

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Massachusetts Springfield, number 25,


Score overall: 314

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24. Oregon’s Portland-Vancouver-Hillsboro


Score overall: 310

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Jackson, Mississippi (number 23)


Score overall: 310

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Little Rock-North, Arkansas, number 22


Score overall: 307

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Minneapolis 21


Score overall: 301

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Texas’s San Antonio-New Braunfels is number 20.


Score overall: 294

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19. Louisiana’s New Orleans-Metairie


Score overall: 289

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Fresno, California, is 18.


Score overall: 279

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Seattle, Tacoma, and Bellevue, Washington, number 17


Score overall: 278

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16. The Woodlands and Houston, Texas


Score overall: 277

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Memphis, Tennessee, is 15.


Score overall: 258

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Wichita, Kansas, at 14.


Score overall: 248

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New Mexico’s Albuquerque is 13.


Score overall: 244

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Riverside, California, at 12


Score overall: 227

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Eleven. St. Louis, Missouri


Score overall: 226

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10. Louisville, Kentucky, Jefferson


Total points: 193

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9. Tennessee’s Chattanooga


Score overall: 186

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Eight. Salt Lake City, Utah


Total points: 182.

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7. Anaheim and Los Angeles, California


Score overall: 168

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Missouri’s Kansas City, No. 6


Score overall: 158

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5. California’s San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara region


Score overall: 136

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4. Oklahoma’s Tulsa


Score overall: 126

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California’s Bakersfield, third


Score overall: 96

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2. California’s San Francisco-Oakland-Berkeley region


Score overall: 89

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Colorado’s Denver-Aurora-Lakewood trifecta


Score overall: 77

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Do auto policies cover vehicle theft?


Only comprehensive coverage under your auto insurance policy protects against vehicle theft. While comprehensive coverage is normally only necessary if you are leasing or financing your vehicle, most drivers should still think about acquiring it. This kind of insurance is intended to cover your automobile in the event that it is stolen, vandalized, burns down, or is struck by a falling item.

You must notify the authorities that your automobile has been stolen before contacting your insurance provider. Before your insurance would reimburse the expenses to cover your stolen automobile, you must pay a deductible to utilize your comprehensive coverage. If your claim is approved, your insurance will pay you back for the actual cash value (ACV) of your stolen car, which means depreciation will be taken into account when determining your claim settlement.

Consider the scenario if your ten-year-old automobile was stolen. You won’t get reimbursed the exact amount you would have spent for the vehicle if you had purchased it brand-new since real cash value will take its age into account (or the cost to replace it with a new car).

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How do geographic factors affect the cost of vehicle insurance?


Your ZIP code will be taken into consideration by insurers when figuring out how much you’ll pay for vehicle insurance. Your premiums may be significantly impacted by the number of accidents or auto thefts in your neighborhood. Your vehicle insurance premiums may be higher than those of a person who lives in an area with a lower theft rate if you reside in a city or town where auto theft or break-in claims are reported often.

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How do insurance premiums change if a vehicle is stolen?


A stolen automobile is covered if you have a full coverage auto insurance policy, which covers comprehensive, collision, and liability coverage in addition to liability coverage. Even though it was probably not your fault that your automobile was taken, if you submit a thorough claim for a stolen vehicle, your rates may increase when you renew your insurance.

As with any claim, Deante’ Peake, licensed property and casualty operations sales manager at Policygenius, explains that a car theft claim might result in higher rates when your policy is renewed. “The insurance company views you as a larger risk when you submit a claim to them. According to statistical data, your chances of filing another claim after submitting one rise. So, to overall balance the loss of the claim that has to be paid and the increased risk, insurers raise the rates of the insured. In rare circumstances, particularly if several claims were made in that particular location, they could even increase rates for everyone in your neighborhood.

If your auto insurance does increase, think about browsing around to compare prices from several insurance providers; some may give you a better bargain despite your theft claim.

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For our ranking, we selected the top 100 metropolitan statistical regions in terms of population in the US. Each MSA received a score between one and one hundred in four separate areas, with the theft rate receiving the most weighting among the categories. The city with the “worst” score for vehicle thefts was also the one with the highest score.

Each MSA was rated according to their state’s score on a scale of 1 to 44 in the final category, recovery rate by state (not all 50 states are represented in the top 100 MSAs). The state that recovered the most automobiles received a score of 44, while the state that recovered the fewest received a score of 1.

  • Rate of motor vehicle theft per 100,000 inhabitants in 2020: We utilized data from 2020.

    The theft rate of each of the top 100 most populous metropolitan statistical regions was calculated using the most current data available from the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB). The rates are based on 100,000 inhabitants and take population into account. A value of six times the baseline was assigned to this.

  • percentage rise in the rate of auto theft from 2019 to 2020. To determine the percentage rise or reduction in theft rate from 2019 to 2020, we analyzed data from the NICB for the years 2019 and 2020. Two times the baseline was assigned as the value for this.

  • Cost difference between a comprehensive coverage insurance and the state’s bare minimum: Rates were provided courtesy of Quadrant Information Services and based on full coverage policies with liability levels of 50/100/50 for each ZIP code in the top 100 most populous MSAs. We contrasted those prices with those for each city’s mandatory minimum levels of automobile insurance. The prices shown are averages, therefore your rates could be different. A value of one times the baseline was assigned to this.

  • Vehicle recovery rates per state in 2020, provided by the NICB. Not by MSA, but by state, the recovery rate is provided. Whether the car was salvaged as an useable one or declared a complete loss is not taken into account by these prices. A value of one times the baseline was assigned to this.

A complete list of sources is available on Policygenius.

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Carjacking statistics by city is a list of the US cities with the most car theft. The list includes the number of cars stolen, and the total property crime rate. Reference: carjacking statistics by city.

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