The Vipkid is a virtual currency that is being used in the Asia Pacific region for online entertainment and cultural activities. One of the main uses of Vipkid is for the purchase of virtual goods for games and applications. With a Vipkid wallet, you can make payments, withdraw Vipkid, and transfer it from one account to another.

It’s been a while since I’ve sat down to write a Vipkid blog post. And for once, it isn’t because I’m busy with a new app for kids on my phone. It’s because when I sat down to write this post, I couldn’t think of a single app that would be worth talking about.

There is no doubt that you are taking a huge step today and that you will be proud of yourself in a few years when you look back at the investments you made to your financial future. Today you have taken the first step towards becoming a successful entrepreneur, investor, and all-round saver.

What are the requirements of VIPKid in 2021? Maybe you want to start teaching online and want to know what the latest requirements are – that’s a good idea! According to the survey, one-third of Americans need a part-time job to make a living without sacrificing their livelihood. Today, working from home has become the norm for many people who are looking for ways to earn an extra income online. Maybe their day job doesn’t feel safe anymore, or they just want to try making money online. Teaching English with Vipkid is a great opportunity to earn more and maybe even quit your job and live your life on your own terms. However, to become an online ESL teacher at Vipkid, you need to meet certain requirements, and many people wonder if they are the right person for the job. Is that you? If the answer is YES, you are in the right place. Let’s get to the heart of the matter. Read on to find out if you can apply for a job at Vipkid.

8 Vipkid requirements

  1. A Neutral accent
  2. Educational experience
  3. Right to work in the United States and Canada
  4. Baccalaureate
  5. Educational qualification
  6. Vipkid’s IT needs
  7. Beijing’s peak hour connectivity
  8. Background check

DISCLOSURE Some of the links listed here are affiliate links that can make me money if you click on them, at no extra cost to you. I hope you find the information here useful! Thank you.   word-image-11504 word-image-11505 Messages related to online English classes:

What is VIPKid?

VIPKid is an online ESL training program based in Beijing, China. According to their website, they take a flipped classroom approach, making education accessible by bringing young students and teachers together through one-on-one online instruction.

8 Vipkid requirements

Want to become an online ESL teacher with Vipkid and earn extra income online? Working at Vipkid is an amazing opportunity that has been the key for many to become a digital nomad . However, the recruitment process of a company is, admittedly, very strict and if you want to sign with them, you will have to meet their requirements. Before you apply, read on and see if you are a good fit.

Basic requirements for Vipkid

A Neutral accent

To teach at VIPKID, you must be a native English speaker with a North American accent. Vipkid parents pay for North American English classes, so this is a strict requirement. So what if you have a southern accent, a British accent, or worse? What if I am not a native speaker and have an accent? Now, based on somereports, the company prefers a North American accent, but they hire teachers with a different accent. This depends on the interviewer and will be assessed during the interview. So if you have an accent and want to try it, remember you CAN have a chance. Practise your speaking skills and do some exercises. It will pay. Whether you are a British or Italian native speaker, observing a native speaker with a North American accent beforehand is very helpful. So having an accent or a language other than one’s native language is not a deciding factor (it’s not even mentioned on the company’s website), but having the right to work in the US or Canada is a non-negotiable condition (see condition #3).

2. Educational experience

The company requires that you have at least two years of experience working with children. So if you have a lot of teaching experience, that’s great, but it’s not required, as the definition of experience with children is quite broad. They also don’t seem to follow up or verify your experience because they assume you are honest and telling the truth. In other words, you must have some experience of working with children, not necessarily in traditional education. In addition, although not required, experience as a student or teacher in the K12 curriculum – K12 is an American term referring to the K-12 curriculum. If you have at least two years of experience in the following activities, you are likely to qualify for the Vipkid program:

  • tutoring
  • Traditional education
  • Homeschooling
  • Mentoring
  • Training
  • Nanny
  • Summer camps/guides

They just want to know if you can communicate and work well with children. So, if you have this experience, you must tick the right box during the selection process if you do not want your application to be rejected. That’s right. Candidates with less than 2 years TEACHING experience will be automatically rejected. Do you not meet this requirement? Excuse me! You cannot become a Vipkid teacher. But don’t worry! You can take jobs at other companies and gain experience while making money. Check out my guide on how to become an English teacher with no experience.

3. Right to work in the United States and Canada

Are you allowed to work in the United States or Canada? Yes? That’s it! You can then work anywhere in the world if you pass the application process and get a standing order – read on for tips from the pros. Teachers must enter their U.S. or Canadian tax number to receive payments, which means they must report their taxes and have a permanent address in one of those countries (Vipkid determines teacher residence based on tax documents W-9). If you are not authorized to work in the U.S. or Canada, but you have a green card and a work permit, this is also possible. You will be asked to show your green card when you are hired. So if you are in the process of getting a green card, it is best to contact the company in advance. You don’t want a job and find out that’s why you can’t sign a contract! If you’re not allowed to work in the US and Canada, but are still itching to teach English online, you can read my article on how to teachEnglish online in a week. **Since 2021, Vipkid will no longer work with teachers located in the states of California (as of 2019), New York, and Washington due to new state laws and regulations regarding independent contractors.   word-image-11506 word-image-11507

Vipkid educational needs

4. baccalaureate

Vipkid requires all applicants to have a bachelor’s degree. Period. Before you can sign a contract and start teaching, you’ll need to upload a copy of your official high school diploma, and the company will need about 10 days to carefully check that your documents are in order. So after the first selection phase, in which you have to indicate whether you have a diploma, Vipkid checks whether you have a diploma and your application is rejected if you do not have a diploma. You must have a diploma to comply with the rules of the Chinese Ministry of Education. They take it very seriously and there is no way to avoid it. However, you do not need to be a qualified teacher (although this clearly sets you apart), and your degree can be in any subject. You can become a Vipkid teacher even if you have a degree in another field, such as mechanical engineering. Does this sound promising? ‘No, I do not have a diploma! Well, I’ll make sure of that. Below is a list of ESL companies that hire teachers without a degree.

5. Educational qualification

Prior to 2019, Vipkid did not require TESOL (Teacher of English as a Second Language) degrees, although applicants with such degrees are strongly preferred. Starting in 2019, new rules require all online ESL teachers to be TESOL, TEFL, or CELTA certified. If you don’t have a teaching certificate, you can easily get one in a few weeks here if you make the effort. I took it myself and it’s fantastic. Let’s TEFL is a good option. I followed it myself and I can only recommend it. It is accredited and accepted by online schools.   word-image-4361 word-image-4362

Vipkid Technical requirements

If you are still reading, you probably meet the rest of the requirements. Congratulations! That was the hardest part. In addition to all of the above, Vipkid also requires you to adhere to technology standards so that your lesson is consistent and your face doesn’t freeze up while you explain the Present Perfect! In order to take advantage of the VIPKid platform, you must have a fast and reliable internet connection. If you live in a remote area, you can use a hotspot connection, but make sure it works properly.

6. Vipkid computer requirements

During the interview VIPKID will check if you meet the following technical requirements.

  • Laptop or Ipad: A laptop, Mac, PC or Surface device is required for maintenance. But once you’re hired, you can teach VIPKid classes through the VIPKid Teach app on your Windows or Mac computer/laptop or iPad.
  • Headphones or earphones with microphone: Although you can also use your computer’s built-in microphone, your lessons will be much clearer with a dedicated headset. You can also use headphones with a microphone.
  • Integrated Camera or Webcam: An external or built-in HD camera is also useful, although a regular computer webcam is considered acceptable.
  • Chrome or Firefox: You will also need a Chrome or Firefox browser. It is recommended that you use at least Google Chrome (preferably) version 51 or Firefox 47 during the installation process and that you have the latest Flashversion .
  • System requirements: Your device must have :
  • at least Operating system Windows7 or Mac OS 10.x
  • Memory of at least 4 GB RAM
  • stable Internet connection (Ethernet is recommended) with a minimum speed of 20 Mbps.
  • latest version Flash
  • Intel Core i3 CPU top
  • Bonus: You want your face to be well lit when you exercise, without dark, ominous shadows in the background. Make sure your lighting is appropriate for the online classroom.

7. Beijing’s peak hour connectivity

Do you like to work from 9am to 5pm? If so, this may be a problem because you have to adjust to Beijing’s rush hour. It will take some time to gain credibility and get a consistent number of students, but it is best if you can be available for at least 7.5 hours (15 slots per week/30 minutes per slot) during peak hours in Beijing:

  • Weekdays: 18:00-22:00
  • Weekends: 9.00 – 22.00

Please note that your availability to teach may not always match your actual weekly hours, but it does increase the likelihood that students will book you. Background check If your application meets all the above requirements, you are on your way to your first interview with a Vipkid tutor. You will then be asked to take a trial lesson. Before you sign the contract, VIPKID will also ask you for a background check (and any other documents – such as proof of graduation). If you have passed this step, you are done! This means that you must undergo a background check by an external agency. This can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days or weeks, but some teachers report that you can begin classes at that time.   word-image-11508 word-image-11509

Does Vipkid only hire experienced teachers?

As mentioned, the short answer is this. NO! They prefer people with a North American accent – native speakers from Canada and the United States. However, if you are authorized to work in these countries and have a work permit, you may apply and your accent will be reviewed during the interview.

What are the required qualifications to work at Vipkid?

As described above, you need:

  • Baccalaureate
  • TESOL/TEFL certificate

How do I apply for a job at Vipkid? The application process for a teaching position at Vipkid is very simple. It consists of 4 steps.

Step 1: Online request form

You must complete the online application form. It takes about 2 minutes, and if you are rejected at this stage (for technical reasons), you can always submit a new application with a different email address. However, if you have been rejected because you do not meet the requirements, do not reapply! This will not change the outcome. Before using it, make sure that :

  • Use your real name for taxes and background checks, not an alias.
  • Check your time zone, as it may be difficult to change it during maintenance.

There is no problem if you do not live in the United States or Canada, or if you graduated from college in another country, as long as you are authorized to work there. If you skip this step, you may want to book a demo session right away. During the demonstration session, you will have the opportunity to present a PPT slideshow and demonstrate your teaching skills:

  • Live demonstration
  • Recorded demo
  • VIPKID Smart Demo (This version replaces the old VIPKID Express Interview)

If you need inspiration to excel in a demo class, watch this video. Not quite ready yet? Just relax! You can take your time and book a session as per your requirements.

Step 2: First interview

At that time, you will record a demo lesson and send it in for evaluation, or have a 30 minute session with a VIPKID recruiter to demonstrate your ability to teach their program to their standards.

Step 3: Online training

You will then receive several training videos from Vipkid that you can watch according to your schedule. Step 4: Development of class You present the lesson plan (provided to you) during the trial lesson to the mentor teacher and receive feedback. How do I do the Vipkid practical exam? You will be asked to choose the levels you want to teach (and become certified in). You have two choices: Don’t worry too much, you can get certificates for both levels later. If you want a better chance of being booked from the start, choose level 2 and 3. Once you have submitted your preferences, you will be assigned two lessons to prepare, and then a meeting with a mentor teacher in China will be scheduled, who will provide you with feedback and advice. Council: Most teachers generally struggle to manage their time, so limit the chatter. If you use a lot of TPR (Total Physical Response), reps and props and maintain a high level of commitment, you will pass the exam with flying colors. You have no idea what TPR is and how to use it in an online class? Here’s a great video for you. Also, check out the Vipkid YouTube channel for inspiration and preparation.   word-image-11510 word-image-11511

How long does it take to book with Vipkid?

Some teachers have reported that it can take more than 2 weeks to get their first lesson with Vipkid. Once you are hired, be patient and expect that it will take at least a few months for your schedule to be fully filled. In the meantime, you can work at other companies ESL to fill in the gaps in your schedule. Council: How can I get students to book more courses with Vipkid? Here is a checklist you can go through:

  • Create an attractive profile
  • Use your labels appropriately – Make sure they describe your teaching style.
  • Make some time available – complete your schedule as you go. There is a learning curve, and you don’t want to get burnt out.
  • Adjustment of feedback
  • Open your places with short announcement – this allows parents to book a session with you with one hour of announcement.

Vipkid Hours

If you want to make money with Vipkid, you have to set priorities! There are no minimum or maximum hours, but many teachers have to get up as early as 4:30 in the morning to get to work fully.

When should parents book tickets for Vipkid?

Parents can select the tutor they want by searching the profiles of the teachers and sorting them by lesson day. Once you have booked the time slot, you will have access to the learning resources for that lesson and it will appear in green in the VIPKID teacher portal.

How do I ask for feedback about Vipkid?

Take the time to build a relationship with students and their parents before asking for feedback. Asking for feedback will affect your grades and income, but you don’t want to appear pushy and lose students. If you need tips (and even some fun templates) for asking students for feedback, check out this page.

Vipkid Teacher No-show policy

What is the no-show policy for the teacher (Vipkid)? A lot of people ask this question, and it can be confusing, so let’s get it straight. It depends on when you stop the class compared to the start time:

  • Within 2 hours: You will be given a teacher’s number and 10 USD will be deducted from your salary.
  • Within 2 to 24 hours: In that case, only the 2 USD will be withheld from your salary.
  • More than 24 hours ago: No amount will be withheld.

No-show policy for Vipkid students

As for absence (Vipkid), remember that you will be teaching two types of classes. Teaching a trial class? Teachers must remain in the classroom for 15 minutes until the mark. And only then can you leave the classroom. Give a basic course? You must teach a paying student, so you must stay in class for the full 25 minutes. Sometimes students show up after 15 minutes or even after. The good news is that you can do other things and still feel productive, as long as you’re ready to start teaching at any time and, ideally, keep the camera on.

Vipkid Student Cancellation

A class is cancelled when a parent cancels a class 24 hours before the start time. When this happens, teachers usually get a notification through the app, and don’t have to show up in class.   word-image-11512 word-image-11513

How much do you really earn with Vipkid?

The VIPKid rate starts at $0.9 – $7.00 per lesson with an incentive system. So the more you teach, the more you earn. After a while, you can earn about 22USD per hour, which totals 2,000 USD per month if your schedule is full (20+ class hours per week).

Incentives for completed classes – Vipkid

In late 2019, Vipkid announced a number of changes that will affect the salary structure. If you want to read a full analysis of the new salary structure, check out this article. In short, the more you teach, the more you earn, so prepare your classes well and build a relationship with your students.

What to do with taxes

You will be treated as an independent contractor and the company will not withhold taxes from you. Don’t forget to set aside money to pay your taxes next spring!

How do you prepare for class?

As with many other online companies that teach English, you will be given a PowerPoint lesson to work on with each student depending on their level. Once you get the hang of it, it’s pretty easy. If you’re good with people and always have an emergency backup, you can make it. It’s also best to have props on hand during class, as stuffed pigs can be very useful for a bored five-year-old.

What if you are not eligible for Vipkid?

If you’ve read through the entire article and gotten this far, you might be asking yourself the question: Wait a minute, wait a minute. I’m no match for Vipkid. Why am I still here? Indeed. Good question. Check out one of my other guides to becoming an online ESL teacher. Just tell me who you are and I’ll give you the goods:


Teaching at Vipkid is not for everyone, as the recruitment process is quite strict. If you meet the requirements, you will have all the information you need to enroll and begin the online courses. After a few months, you can work and travel or just earn extra money. If you’re not right for the job, don’t despair. There are many other educational opportunities on the internet, and with a little effort you can earn even more. Find the most suitable one for you and your needs here. Good luck and good education!

Vipkid requirements for 2021

The S21 will be able to use facial recognition technology to make payments. The company is also developing new biometric technology in its research and development department to make payments using fingerprints. (Samsung debuted a technology last year that can make payments using your eye prints in 2017.) Just as the company’s mobile payments offerings have expanded to cover NFC (near field communication) and MST (magnetic secure transmission) technology to make payments in-store and online, the S21 will also support face recognition, according to industry sources.. Read more about vipkid philippines and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Vipkid 2021 worth it?

In one of the biggest changes to Vipkid, they have changed their requirements. Now you must have a Vipkid account in order to follow a Vipkid account. You can only create an account by making a Vipkid account. If you don’t have a Vipkid account, you can only follow a Vipkid account. If you already have a Vipkid account, you can only follow a Vipkid account. Vipkid is a cryptocurrency that has been around since 2017, although it has only recently started to shine. Its market cap is over 2.5 billion USD at the time of writing, and it’s only available in a handful of countries. Its price has been steadily increasing over the past few months, and has grown to well over 10 thousand USD.

Does Vipkid verify your degree?

Meet the Vipkid. Vipkid is a Vipkid of the 21st century, for the 21st century. We are the first to offer solutions that are perfect for both students and employers. We provide the best of both worlds, combining extraordinary service with the best of the best technology. The modern world runs on technology, and unfortunately, it has become a habit for people to rely on their technology at all times. The 21st Century is when everyone is a tech-savvy consumer, and it is no wonder then that the latest in technology impacts the workplace. As a result, the field of finance is changing rapidly, and the new tech-savvy job market is leaving many finance students feeling like having a degree is no longer enough. With this in mind, it is important to know what requirements a Finance degree has to meet in order for a student to have a successful career.

What are the requirements for Vipkid?

Vipkid, a startup from Singapore, is a peer-to-peer platform that allows users to lend and borrow cryptocurrencies at an interest rate of 21.9%. It claims to have a zero fee policy, although no details are given as to how this is calculated. Vipkid is a new platform that lets anyone invest in promising B2B startups or growth-stage companies and get a up to £250k return every month. Unlike an IPO or crowdfunding campaign, Vipkid investors get the chance to keep their investment until the company goes public or is sold.

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